I know that I'm probably in for pain either way, but any thoughts between ATT and Comcast as an Internet provider?

@codesections My first thought is AT&T, just because Comcast is probably the worst between the two, but I don’t really have much to back that up.

@codesections Pick whichever is cheapest (even if its a “for the first year” deal), call and threaten to cancel when the deal is about to end. Either they’ll give you the deal again or you find a deal on the other isp (there’s always at least one for new customers).

Repeat every year.

@codesections AT&T has been *much* better for me—but then again, here they’re on fiber whilst Comcast is copper.

Has gone down zero times in three years.

@codesections Wow I didn't even know ATT did ISP stuff. They have their fingers in everything.


> Wow I didn't even know ATT did ISP stuff.

I mean, it's not that long ago that the Internet was accessed *only* through phone lines, so in a way they (or, really Ma Bell, before them) could claim to be the *original* ISP

@codesections I don't know anything about Comcast since they aren't in my area, but I can tell you that I hate AT&T with the burning passion of a thousand suns. When I set up service for my mom a few years ago, the reps were high-pressure and deliberately misleading. After a series of nightmare interactions I wound up canceling it (costing me $$) and going with another provider (Cox), which was far more customer-friendly.

@codesections You've got two providers. From my limited knowledge of US infrastructure, that means you have a hope.

@codesections I switched from TimeWarner/Spectrum to ATT (UVerse) and have been really pleased.. the best part.. the UVerse ATT prices are consistently published every where, unlike Spectrum, where you are paying some price off a roulette wheel and the price bumps by ~$20 per month, each year.


Be happy you have any choice. Here it's a choice between 100mbps cable or 1.5mbps DSL. I can't wait for starlink to be operational. Even if I don't use them it will force all ISP's to complete.

@codesections fwiw, ATT UVerse was offering a discounted rate for high speeds in my area. When registering, they had a checkbox checked by default agreeing to let them have and sell your browsing information. Unchecking the box removed the discount. I noped out of there and stuck with the lesser of two evils (spectrum in my case).

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