> One thing that I wish Mastodon supported on a technical level though is transparency in mod actions. A page to list mod actions and instance blocks that is user-visible.

You know, I've been thinking about that. I think it'll be possible to write a program to do that once the moderation API lands in 3.0. And I just might write one myself, if no one else does.

I'm thinking it would be better to leave off the username, though, the way many CoC transparency reports do. Thoughts?

@codesections @kungtotte also hide the text of the report, just when an action is taken say what was reported and what the action was

@Matter @codesections yes, both of those suggestions sound good. If you include too much information then the modlog is basically boosting the offense, and you don't want to hang mods or users out to dry either as that invites follow-on abuse.

But I'd like to see mods tagged with persistent anonymous names, so we can see if "mod#1234" consistently acts inappropriately and then report that to the admins.

@codesections @kungtotte Agreed with leaving the names off. Page should include actions and who the mods are, not who took the actions. The mods should see who took the actions to self-correct in a way.

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