This feels like a slightly dumb question, but ...

If I move my hard drive into a different laptop, would I need to reinstall the OS, or would I be able to keep my same install? (I'm wondering about hardware support/BIOS-level stuff, mostly)

@codesections with linux you have a good chance of it working, windows is another story but i've seen it work too.

@codesections it wiill probably work check the driver support first - and if nvidia drivers are still installed you should uninstall them

@codesections I’ve moved hard drives between machines without issue, but you do need to be careful to satisfy the destination machine’s requirements w/r/t UEFI vs legacy BIOS if you plan to use it as a boot device

@djmoch @codesections Like Daniel Moch said - I imagine graphics might trip you up - you can always serve clients to an X server on any another machine even android

@johnbessa @codesections Relatedly, you’ll probably need to boot from your fallback initrd (the one that contains all available HW drivers) the first time. Once you do that, you can rebuild your tailored initrd and pull in the correct ones.

@codesections Linux is usually fine, just make sure the GPU drivers are still correct. If it doesn't work you can always copy /home over.

@codesections I think that the modern linux kernel this should be fine.


Linux? No problem
Windows? Problem 70% of cases
Mac? Problem 💯%

> Linux? No problem

Really? I haven't tried this for years, because it used to just sulk and refuse to boot. Reinstalling only takes half an hour though and a sensible user has a separate /home partition and updates their backups beforehand.

> Windows? Problem 70% of cases

Sounds about right.

> Mac? Problem 💯%

No experience with this, but that's what I would expect.

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