Anyone have any thoughts on the Latitude line of laptops?

I'm thinking about picking up a used one to address some of the hardware issues I've had with my laptop

@codesections What problems are you having, and did you create a ticket with support?


> What problems are you having [with the system76 laptop]

Well, while the computer was still within its one-year warranty, I had the fan fail and then had some keys on the keyboard stop working. Replacing the fan and keyboard fixed the issue temporarily, but the new fan started acting up and the new keyboard stopped working after the warranty expired. I bought a replacement keyboard from system76, but that didn't fix it

> did you create a ticket with support?

Several, actually



I'm not particularly upset with system76—they didn't manufacture the computer, after all. And my understanding is that build-qualty issues are a major reason they brought desktop manufacturer in-house. And their support has been pretty good (though it did irk a bit to pay for the second keyboard).

All that said, I don't really feel like I can trust the build quality of the laptop at this point, even if I manage to get the keyboard working. (I still might get a Thelio, though!)

@codesections Which laptop is this? The build quality of all the laptops in our lab are still good today. I'm actually using an older Oryx Pro 2 model.

Out of warranty, you still have access to the support staff for time you have the laptop. They can recommend what parts you'd need to order for that particular laptop. Part availability is usually pretty good.

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