I am genuinely confused about how 's social network is supposed to work. They describe it as purely "opt in"—no local or federated timelines, just the people you follow.

OK, but how does the process get started? If I open an account there, how do I find the first 10 people to follow? Is the idea that people will follow "celebrities"/people who have publicized their handles off-platform? Or know other users IRL? I'm confused.

H/t @brandon

@dekkzz78 It kind of makes sense though, in terms of privacy concerns

@codesections I really don't know how this is so hard for folk to grok. You know I've nevr used the local or federated timelines, right? I talk about that all the time. ANd yet here I am, a part of the Fediverse. @brandon

@emsenn @codesections Twitter currently suggests a few celebrities, etc for people to follow. I think there should be a few people who you're invited to follow upon subscribing (perhaps the admin and a few other Purism members) or a crash course in how to find other people without the fedi

@brandon That's fair, I just see a fair number of people talking about how Librem One isn't offering "real fediverse" because it doesn't have those parts in its app, but like when I used Fedilab, I straight-up turned off the parts of the GUI that would let me access those features, and I don't think anyone would argue I'm not a part of what we call the Fediverse, and I certainly don't feel like I'm not part of the community. @codesections

@emsenn @codesections wow some people are much more critical of these moves than I thought people would be :S

@emsenn @brandon

> I really don't know how this is so hard for folk to grok. You know I've nevr used the local or federated timelines, right?

No, I didn't know that, actually. How did you get started/find the first few people to follow?

@codesections As far as I'm concerned it's basically unless you know someone else on the platform or search hashtags, basically like twitter. It's not a bad outcome

@codesections I think that's a good question. If I recall correctly, when you join the birdsite, there's an initial process that suggests people to follow either from your contacts list or from other popular accounts. Mastodon doesn't have that (at least not at this point). We do have the Trunk, but it's not directly tied in, so it's not something new users would be immediately aware of.


@codesections I know this is probably going to sound weird coming from me, because I do love our Local timeline here on Fosstodon, but I'm less concerned about removing the Local and the Fed from I'm unconvinced about their utility as the environment grows. Millions of users in the Fed make it impossible to follow anybody for any length of time, and the same issues arise for the Local timeline as an instance gains a significant number of users.


@mike If a local timeline is too crowded or random to be meaningful, it means the instance has likely grown too large.

@downey Agreed, but even for smaller instances the local timeline may not be a desirable feature. For our instances, we are specialized around specific subject matter, so we attract individuals with similar interests. For more general instances, there isn't that shared interest, so the local timeline may just be full of random junk. I can definitely see the logic in removing those feeds in the case of a general instance like Especially if the eventual goal is a large population.

@mike true per your other toots I would suspect it's mostly an issue of UI vs possible functionality tho

@downey Yea, leaving this features active in their forked version of Tusky is a serious oversight. It looks weird in the screenshots I've seen. Maybe they'll revisit. Hopefully they'll revisit.

@mike @brandon

> I'm unconvinced about [the local timeline's] utility as the environment grows.

I have Thoughts on this that might not fit into a toot. Short version: I agree that the local timeline gets useless for large instances. But I also think that the local timeline is *great*, and that having it pushes people (gently) to smaller instances.

…*and* I think smaller instances are way healthier as communities/better for the world than mega instances/twitter

@codesections define "small instance"

What I mean by that is, if Fosstodon were to grow beyond "small" would you encourage people leaving for smaller ones?

@mike @brandon

@codesections Sorry if that toot made me sound like a jerk. I didn't mean for it to come across as accusatory as it did.

@mike @brandon

@erikstl @mike @brandon

> if Fosstodon were to grow beyond "small" would you encourage people leaving for smaller ones?

I've actually given the matter a fair bit of thought and … I'm not sure. I really love , but I also think that so much of what makes an instance special is the small, we're-all-friends-here-and-all-look-out-for-each-other vibe. I'd be really torn.

So far, even with amazing growth, we've kept that tiny-instance feel, though, so it hasn't come up!

@codesections @brandon Actually their reasoning kind of makes sense, however it doesn't match my usage pattern. So, while wishing them best of luck, I'll stick to my own Mastodon instance (

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