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Interesting. I hadn't heard of `thought.py` before—it looks like it and `mnemonic` were both inspired by similar thoughts, but started with different base features (and in different languages). We could probably both learn (or steal :D) some things from one another

@codesections @poetgrant Yeah, we started at the same place: A shell script to cat>>~/notes.txt

Thought's more or less perfect since it doesn't do anything by itself, I don't want to write an editor or markdown renderer. The crypto problem I solve with a dmg is a terrible hack, but eew writing another crypto system.


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> I don't want to write an editor or markdown renderer.

Yeah, I got around the "I don't want to write a markdown renderer" part by incorporating the same syntax highlighter used by bat (github.com/sharkdp/bat)—which also gives me syntax highlighting for 100+ other languages for free.

(True, it's not *rendered* md, but I actually like seeing it in syntax-highlighted md more—you can still see the plain-text structure)

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