I've *basically* turned 's web client into a webapp version of . I've got all the UI hidden and use it 99% with keyboard commands.

It's not for everyone, but I'm really enjoying it—and I love that their custom CSS is flexible enough to let me do so.

Anyone else both use Proton Mail and crazy enough to want this? I'm trying to decide if I should throw it up on Git.


Ok, due to overwhelming popular demand (aka, at least one person sounded interested), I've released , the theme for . github.com/codesections/muon

With this custom CSS, you can have all the joy of using a command-line email client right from the minimalistic comfort of you JavaScript web app. Why you'd *want* that is anyone's guess—maybe there's something deeply wrong with you.

In any event, it's the theme I use every day, so feel free to help yourself.

@codesections oooh that is indeed a thing of perverted beauty. I will probably stick to neomutt/bridge/mbsync for now, but just the knowledge that this exists gives a weird kind of satisfaction

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