I'm thinking about moving my blog away from Netlify (the current host) and wrote a blog post about why:

Disclaimer: this post is more rambly/disorganized than my posts typically are—I was really just getting my thoughts down on paper. Still, I'd appreciate any feedback y'all have; it could well be that I'm thinking about it all wrong, and it'd be helpful to know that before I make a switch.

I guess another thing I'd be giving up by moving away from Netlify (and not replacing them with a CDN) is robust DDoS protection. A properly configured nginx server serving static files offers *some* protection, but not on the same scale. Hmm…

@codesections II'm currently running Fathom from within a Docker container on my dinky server, backed up by an SQLite database. I was slightly hesitant about that, because concurrency, but I have the visitor count ("hardly any") to pull it off. As for CDNs: your site appears very light, I really wouldn't worry about Mumbai or Miami or Amsterdam taking half a millisecond more to connect, frankly. Of course, keeping a VPS up is trading complexity, I think. Personally, I like #selfhosting .


> As for CDNs: your site appears very light, I really wouldn't worry about Mumbai or Miami or Amsterdam taking half a millisecond more to connect, frankly.

Hmm, I agree that I wouldn't care about half a millisecond. My understanding is that getting even "hello world" from a server on the other side of the planet added more like ~200 milliseconds, though. Is that wrong?

(I still might not care, but it's almost 3 orders of magnitude off half a MS)

Oh, that's slightly more than half a ms, yes (I *did* pull that number out of thin air, so there is that). ;-)
Out of curiosity: what kind of response time do you get on my blog, and where are you located, roughly?


I get ~260ms for an initial connection, and another ~200 after that for TTFB (see image below). And I'm currently traveling in the Chicago area of the U.S. could test from a wider area, if you want more details.

By the way, when running that test I noticed you use isso for comments. How have you found it? I keep meaning to set up comments but haven't gotten around to it yet.

That's not too bad for a dynamic PHP-powered site (powered by Bolt CMS) using an sqlite database while running from a spinning platters disk in a Celeron-powered server. 😁

Isso is nice so far, although I have a distinct lack of visitors and commenters so it hasn't been pushed to the limit, so to speak. No reason to assume it won't hold up, though. It's running from a docker container on the same host.

I see there's some compression and caching to speed things up. I think a week ago the score would've been slightly better, when I was still using Google Fonts. I decided that losing the possible tracking outweighs the speed bump.

@codesections What do you stand to lose from going down for a few hours due to DDoS? Because asking a CDN to continue to cover you in that situation can get pricey from what I understand.

@djmoch yeah, that's a good point.

Well, unless I just go the Cloudflare route, which would be free but have other downsides. But maybe in an emergency

@codesections For what it’s worth, I don’t use anything like Cloudflare, and I haven’t missed it. I can however, recommend DigitalOcean.


Yeah, I think I'm going to go that route. If I ever end up with a high enough profile to need to seriously mitigate a DoDOS, I can always revisit—that'd be a good (and unlikely!) problem to have, anyway.

@codesections If you don’t already have an account, let me know and I can get you a code for some free credit


Thanks, I don't have an account yet. I was planning to use the Late Night Linux promo code just to support a show I like (and in gratitude for them not joining in the Linux Academy buyout). But I'd be open to using something different—the LNL one is their standard $100 of credit good for two months.

@djmoch Ok, and I take it you get some bonus for me using your link? Happy to use it if that's the case.

@codesections Oh true, yes I do. I should have been clearer about that. Once you spend $25 I get $25 (unclear whether that $25 needs to be after the credit, whether there's a time limit, etc.)

@codesections according to my raspberry pi selfhosted website on apache (granted it only serves the word "works") takes 400ms to load from the other side of the atlantic. So that's possibly the worst that can happen. Just to give you some perspective.

@qwazix Yeah, that's about what I expected. Which is somewhat painful—I went to pretty great lengths to optimise my site for speed, and that would mean giving back a bunch of careful tweaks. But, objectively, it's still not *that* bad.

@codesections I've recently switched to a based static site for my homepage/blog for various reasons.

I never really worried much about performance (even before, when PHP and MySQL was involved; much less so now with just a bunch of HTML+CSS files).

I've been hosting my site at some random webhoster since basically forever, never really needed or cared about CDNs or virtual/root servers for just a blog (I use a based root server for other stuff, though).

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