I bet we've had this conversation before, but…

What are your favorite domain registrars? I've used Google Domains without issue but would like to move to something non-Google

@codesections I've had Hover recommended to me, and that's where I've moved.

@wowaname @codesections
hmm so they are not good?🤔
then which one?

I know one but that is going to a little expensive

@inditoot @codesections the few ive suggested in this thread are good; a lot of registrars that arent godaddy are probably fine. cloudflare is powering too much of the internet, so i discourage people from depending on it even more

i can tell you with 100% certainty that njalla is NOT what anyone wants to waste their time with. extremely poor customer service (both slow and rude, as expected from a company founded by the pirate bay), expensive domains, and their beta-test server offering is absolutely abysmal. i've reported to them that the server reaches load averages of 10+ regularly and they still havent rectified it

@wowaname @codesections

hmm I was not aware about njalla poor service.

True cloudflare is powering almost every single website you visit even most of instance uses it including mine.Do we need to worry about that?🤔

Curious to know why not godaddy?

@inditoot @codesections >Do we need to worry about that?

definitely. if cloudflare goes out of business then a lot of the web will be fucked. putting all of the internet's eggs in one basket is never a wise idea

>why not godaddy?

ive heard from many a person that theyve had shoddy business practices and are quite scammu

@wowaname @codesections In Domain section they are good but In hosting they scam people Starter Pack is useless and Dedicated is basically VPS.

People probably will make fun of me for this, but NameCheap has been awesome.

@poetgrant @codesections it's alright. they have good support and are lately getting their act together with some of the technical and business aspects of their services (they finally implemented totp 2fa, and i believe theyre trying to serve more of their own tlds rather than reselling enom, but im not sure)

Yeah, within the last 6 months, their service has really improve a ton. A year ago it was just 'OK'.

@codesections Hover is okay (like the fact that they offer 2FA), but their DNS leaves something to be desired (i.e., no CAA record support)

@codesections Cloudflare is coming out with a beta registrar which promises 100% transparency and the bare minimum price.


I use GoDaddy just for domain names with no problems.

@codesections I'm using Cloudflare. It's the cheapest. They charge the wholesale price.

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