I love the Mastodon meetups, but what if we had a "Fediverse Conference"? Like with talks and stuff?

There could be tracks for technical topics and community topics, maybe a Q&A panel for instance admins. If we held it near Seattle or Portland, we could probably get half the fediverse, lol 😀

Topics I'd love to see at a fediverse conference:

- "Building a community on the fediverse"
- "Privacy and security for non-geeks"
- "The art of Mastodon bots"
- "Let's start an instance!"
- ...something else?



> Topics I'd love to see at a fediverse conference:

- "Best Practices for Fediverse Moderation"

- "Building a (Financially and Emotionally) Sustainable Instance"

- "Hosting Mastodon for Other People" (given by @hugo naturally)

- "The Mystic Art of Actually Making Useful Lists of Followees" (just because I *still* haven't found a decent system)

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