Does anyone else find themselves needing to take timestamped notes in ? I wrote a quick bit of vimscript to make it easier/automatic to do so and I'm happy to throw it up in a gist or something if there's any interest. Here's what it looks like:

@codesections that's kinda interesting. would be curious to see implementation.

@codesections That's pretty great! I have text files with timestamped logs but I use TextExpander to get the current time in there.

@codesections looks nice :) However, I generally just played around with “!date %s” and custom collapse symbol

@codesections I just use `:r !date` and an alias in my fish config that creates a new file in the appropriate directory organized based on the current date.

I'm considering giving #vim a try again, especially since I find myself more and more coding on my phone using #Termux with on-screen keyboard.
Do you have your #vimrc online somewhere, as it looks useful, or can recommend some useful repositories for it?

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