As much as I *want* to like over google, sometime I just … can't.

Top Google result for "rust human-time":
tailhook/humantime: A parser and formatter for std::time::{SystemTime, Duration}

That's what I was looking for.

Top DuckDuckGo result for "rust human-time":
Raw Human Meat

That … was *not* what I was looking for

@codesections Top results using my self-hosted instance. You get all the good results from Google and other providers without the tracking.

@amolith @sean Actually, the third result in that picture is the one I was after. But I'll still give credit for the first one :)

@codesections maybe it's not what you were looking for... But what you secretly want? 🥩

@codesections It didn't know whether you meant the game or the language. Google tracks you and knows you're a programmer. If you write rust-lang instead of rust, it'll give you relevant results.

Your search on DuckDuckGo gave the language documentation as the second result. Mine gave the language documentation as first result.

Yeah, I get that :D And it's not *really* a complaint, more of a joke. But there are some cases (like this) where google's obsessive data collection gets better results. Which doesn't mean I (or you) need to like those practices of course.

@codesections are you familiar with the !g DDG shortcut? Prefix a DDG search with !g and it'll fire you over to to get the Giigke results without (all of) the tracking.

Usually my second hit if a vanilla DDG search doesn't get the goods.

@gwmngilfen Yeah, that's actually where my "the google results" portion of the first toot came from. I love the bang searches!

@codesections I get tons of cleaning products when my Rust searches aren't "programmer-y" enough :P

Stuff to fix rusty cars etc.

@codesections wow, tailhook! I know that guy personally, he is like the best engineer I’ve ever known. He on his own created kubernetes-like orchestration system before kubrrnetes became a mainstream!

Didn’t know that he wrote small rust toolset, like this :)

@codesections if I don’t get the results I need from DDG, I tend to use !g

@kev @codesections Oh, and I remember how I was insulted by DDG in the beginning when I wanted images - and it sent my directly to Google w/out warning!

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