Do y'all have any reminders for good reminder/alarm type apps for Linux?

I've started a new project that requires me to log my time (and the software doesn't let me edit time after the fact… um) and I keep forgetting to start my timer. So I'm looking for good software that's less forgetful than I am!

Any suggestions?

@codesections I know you don't use #Emacs, but needed to get this #orgMode clocking solution out that's used by a lot of folks needing to clock time (I don't) in that part of the world :)

- (skip forward 1.5 minutes or so to see the Org mode clocking in action)


[ Even if you don't use #orgMode, that video might be interesting to watch. ]

@codesections I'm using Kanboard tasks and sub-tasks with built-in timer to track time, works nicely :) but if you prefer the command line there is Watson :

@codesections If you are an Emacs user (or can tolerate it), I use Org mode for all of my time management, tracking, reporting, and project organization.
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