Oh, hey, my linked list post made the front page of Hacker News. Nothing quite like having your code critiqued by a crowd of belligerent strangers :D

@codesections That's really cool, congrats! Do you have stats on your blog? If so: How many views did you get out of this?

Thanks! I actually don't have *any* stats on my blog—I definitely don't have google analytics and, since it's hosted through Netlify, I can't even check the server logs.

I keep toying with the idea of adding a very minimal set of stats that wouldn't collect anything private. In fact, I think doing that would make a good first project for rust, so it might bump up my priority list a bit.

@codesections Privacy-respecting stats are not hard. As long as it doesn't collect IPs and nothing else personally identifiable and doesn't send anything to third parties, I think it's fine.
But of course you can also implement your own stats and then blog about it :)

@codesections it's been years now since anything i've done drew the baleful gaze of the HN crowd. i do not recall it as a pleasant experience, and am hoping to remain invisible to them for the brief remainder of my rapidly disintegrating career.

@codesections if I've learned anything from the comments you received it's that Rustaceans *really* don't like linked lists...

@aeveltstra @codesections looks like they have moved onto the Github announcement so for now you’re safe! Seriously though, nice job on the blog post.

@codesections Seemed pretty solid, overall :) Bit of whinging that LinkedLists don't do locality of reference.

I'm using a linked list in one of my projects right now because I need a custom tree with nodes, and it makes sense. Everything has its place

@codesections wow, there's even a comment from Steve (congrats)! And you see, people there agree with me in that a linked list implementation is not how one should compare Rust to other languages.

(Something like a simple web server with a hand-rolled thread pool from Ch20 of the Book, on the other hand, would be a near-perfect example, because *this is what Rust was made for*.)

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