Oh wow, Steve Klabnik (author of book and core team member) is leaving Mozilla.

Key quote:
> I could say a lot of things here, but I won’t get into the details. What’s really important is this: I’m not proud to be a Mozillian anymore.

I've heard some negative things about Mozilla lately, but this is something that personally moves the needle in a anti-mozilla direction more than, e.g., ads on the new-tab page

@codesections same, it's disappointing because I *want* to love mozilla so much, but they make it so hard to do that

@balrogboogie @codesections I was working at Red Hat at the time and got the opportunity to put my name in that two-page ad. It was an amazing time and I remember being so full of wonder and hope for the future. Now that I'm in that future, it's pretty disheartening. I hope something turns around soon.

i guess a lot of people have a mix of nostalgic feelings and hope that mozilla would really be the face of a free web. but we have to face that we need new alternatives coming from real people, not this corporate bs that mozilla has turned into.

@phoe @codesections Well, if he’s considering a job at Google he’s probably not leaving for the reasons I would be interested in (but thank you for the heads up) :)

@aral He might just have given up on the ideals he found in Mozilla originally completely.

@codesections He's definitely not the only one. I was at a conf last year where he and some other Mozillians were saying about how there's a lot of corporate greed and crap like that there now.

@zladuric That's really sad to hear. We *need* an org like Mozilla to be out there, and if it isn't them, I'm really not sure who it will be :(

@codesections Well, this concerns me. I've really been counting on Mozilla to do the right things lately, and this news doesn't bode well. sigh

@codesections i wish i better understood what might be happening with mozilla. i think it's a really important foundation that has had about 5 unfortunate years, recently (perhaps with the exception of quantum?)

@codesections I'd rather he said that "lot of things" he mentions. I was considering working at Mozilla, but that's a big yellow flag.

It's interesting that he's considering working on fuchsia
I'm an OSdever and find fuchsia really interesting, so I've read a lot of their kernel (zircon) code.
One of the biggest things I've noticed about it though is that much of it's development is very Google-internal.

Practically all discussion is done in an internal Google bug tracker which you can't see if you're not employed there. Also the public documentation seems to be close-to nil.

This seems to me the opposite of what Rust is. Almost all rust development is done in the open (on GitHub—but nobody's perfect ;). Documentation and community involvement seemed to be a huge goal from the start.
On the contrary, Google seems to display their code just for the sake of being open source but intends to keep the project only accessible to them.

@pounce @codesections the initial commit for Rust on GitHub was in June 2010. GitLab didn't launch until 2011, and Bitbucket didn't support Git until October 2011.

There really weren't any real options for Rust and the MS acquisition is recent enough that it's no wonder that they haven't migrated yet (if they should even want to).

@codesections I've been surprised Steve isn't on Mastodon somewhere. Always seemed up his alley, he's one of the few folks on Twitter whose posts I miss.


Nope! Rust is fully independent from Mozilla (at least formally—that doesn't change the fact that there aren't all *that* many people who are paid to work on Rust full time who don't get paychecks signed by Mozilla. But more contributions to the project can help change that.)

@codesections the “Google, please hire me” aspect is a rather weird touch.

@codesections anyway, I really wish MS had picked Mozilla instead of Chromium. Firefox lacks momentum as of late. It needs something exciting to happen so we have some real competition again.

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