@poetgrant It's "industry standard" and it's hard to break that mindset. But I am on the same page as you. If only there were alternatives that were as "complete" as Office365.

Yes, you can argue that LibreOffice is better until you're blue in the face, but until LibreOffice begins to offer corporate-level support and the majority of techs are familiar with it, tough shit I guess? Also, I'm sure a business would prefer Office365 alone compared to using two solutions: LibreOffice+Thunderbird


@brandon @poetgrant
There's also the Google factor to consider: realistically, for many enterprise use cases, if they switch away from office365 they'll be switching to gsuite apps. As much as I'd love to see a libre solution gain traction at the enterprise level, I don't see a realistic path forward (in the short term, anyway) so I'm left hoping that Office365 can hold on, if only so that Google doesn't take over.

@codesections @poetgrant AFAIK usually the larger enterprises go with O365 and the smaller ones (less than 50 employees) go with the GSuite.

I had an interview for a startup with about 20 employees and they were "all about the cloud." Not sure if that was the startup mindset or the small business mindset though

@brandon @codesections @poetgrant My employer (4000+ employees) uses gsuite, fwiw. We're public sector, though, so that may make a difference.

@erikstl @codesections @poetgrant depending how public, yeah it might me a difference. I can see something like the DMV using it over O365, for the fuck of it.

@erikstl @codesections @poetgrant Hmm, yeah makes sense considering the possible number of sites with a limited infrastructure budget

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