As much as I appreciate Stack Overflow, it sure has made it harder to find information about … stack overflows

Makes me think .... Activitypub based technology Q&A platform?

@ProfessorBitRot @codesections Actually, you're not the first to come up with that idea. Suggests that it has merit.

Questions and answers would be public, comments would be public but unlisted, votes would be verbs but not create objects... yes, I see how this could work nicely... It might even be Mastodon-(backwards-)compatible, so you could view it (crudely) on Mastodon – but the character limit might be a problem if it's implemented for displaying messages too.


The bigger question would be categorising or tagging subject areas and providing subscriptions for those which users wanted to subscribe to.

@ProfessorBitRot @codesections

Tagging is a special group you share it with – like messages can be shared with Public – and you can join the group to follow the tag.

Editing's the hard bit for me.

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