Some good tips in here about how to make CLI apps:

I don't necessarily agree with *everything* in here, but there's enough good stuff that I wish I'd seen it when I was building (though I muddled my way to many of the same ideas).

Hat tip to @arcs for point this article out

@codesections i will read the rest of the article, looks like decent stuff, but this:

> Unless you already know your users will want man pages, I wouldn’t bother also outputting them as they just aren’t used often enough anymore.

...sure does get my dander up. write man pages, people!


@brennen Agreed! has a man page—and, yeah, it took about as long to write as the program itself, but it was worth it!

@codesections one thing the perl ecosystem gets right: if you write POD for your code, you pretty much get the man page for free.

i wish contemporary languages in general took this kind of thing seriously. being a good citizen of your larger computational environment is uncool, evidently.

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