What's your favorite way to verb DuckDuckGo :duckduckgo: ?

Options that occur to me:
- "I DuckDuckGo'ed that"
- "I DuckDuckWent that"
- "I googled that" (meaning used DuckDuckGo, which annoys Google for trademark reasons
- Get brands out of the conversation entirely ("I searched for {X} on the Internet")

@codesections "I DDG'd it"
However I also like the last option you presented.

@codesections If I have to verb DuckDuckGo (I just say searched), I'd say that I DuckDuckGo'ed it.

@codesections I think the :duckduckgo: people like to refer to it as ducking. As in, "Just duck it" or "I'll just duck it." It's a fun way to confuse my friends who don't use it.

@codesections I usually just say "searched" or "web-searched". But I have said Duckduckwent just because it sounds fun.

I do support saying that, or DDG'd or Startpaged or Qwanted, etc. to advertise moving away from Google.

@codesections I either say "quacked" or much more frequently "searched".

@codesections This entire thread now makes me want to confuse the shit out of people when I tell them that I:
- Duck-searched it.
- Quacked it up.
- Ducked it.
- Put some feathers on it.
- Web-foot walked that shit.
- TCPed with DDG on the 443.

Just so they ask for clarification and fall into my trap where I explain how terrible google is and suggest alternatives :)

@tretch @codesections TCPed with DDG on the 443 may be the best thing I've ever heard.

@tretch @codesections I've been using DuckDuckWent, but these are better!

@tretch @codesections If "DDG on the 443" isn't a rap lyric yet, Nerdcore rappers got some work to do.

@codesections My friends just say we searched something. Doesn't matter what search engine. We're sort of icky about brands like you mention. An internet search is the most common so the need to infer that has fallen away.

@codesections hmm, you're right. Then: "Duck it" I guess. Abbrevs are necessary cos I'm lazy. ^^;

@codesections really think they missed on the duck thing, consider;
“Grebe grep it”
“Asked theMallard”
“Get an answer from the Merganser”

@codesections I usually keep brands out of it - Google and DuckDuckGo aren't the only search engines, and there aren't many contexts where I think people need to know which search engine I use - though I do sometimes tease friends with "I don't use Google" when they tell me to Google something.

@codesections searched it on #DuckDuckGo, I think it's how I usually say it, or just searched it

@codesections As a non-English speaker, it's the last one. Curious, has the verb "to google" entered other languages?

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