The other day, I started wondering whose toots I've favorited most often—mostly as a "scientific" way to figure out who to feature on my profile.

One weekend-coding project later, and I can now share an app with all of you: the Tool for Tabulating Thirty Top Tooters (, for short).

It scans all the toots you've every favorited and ranks the top thrifty people who you've favorited most often. It's and I hope you all enjoy!


To the curmudgeonly programmers in my follows (you know who you are!), yes, is a JavaScript app. Yes, that means some of you will block it by default.

However, I hope you check it out anyway because I'm *especially* interested in feedback from people who don't embrace the modern, JavaScript web. The entire program—HTML, CSS, & JS—fits in under 14KB and is about as minimalist as a modern app can be (0 dependencies; readable code). I'd love to hear your thoughts:

@shellkr @SuperFloppies @puffinux,

Y'all asked about the script I used to generate that list of people whose toots I'd favorited; well, here it is (cleaned up for public consumption and bottled in an HTML page).

@kensanata you mentioned thinking that this would be a good addition for Mastodon Archive—please feel free to adapt it if you'd like!

@codesections Lol as a small toot-faver... I can make an educated guess for mine and be extremely certain I'm right.

@codesections if it doesn't work in emacs EWW javascriptless, it's garbage!

>> Proceeds to log into bank's website, which has over thirty 302-redirects and downloads 15MB of JS.


Hah, that's one of the tests I did for my blog

Launch in M-x eww -> press R for readable mode -> awesome!



I'm more of a tinkerer than a coder, I take stuff that already exists and adapt it for my needs. I doubt I could write anything from scratch if I wanted to 🤣

@codesections also, change "for" to "to" - make it #t6, which is ALSO me!!!

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