So is there a replacement that's not a piece of worthless shit?



@write_as is trying be be one (though I've seen a number of people advising waiting until the release their source code; they've promised to become open source but aren't right now)

It's also very easy to self-host a blog with a static site generator. I love , but people also like or . And provides good, free hosting for static sites. ( pages too)

@codesections @write_as I run my own self-hosted wordpress, but it's specific and I've mostly abandoned it safe for some web services that are local to my region and run a couple of apps I maintain. I guess I could register a trash domain and do some creative nginx.conf for a second instance

@codesections @write_as Hmm Considering what I'm writing up are instructions for securing could probably do in a pinch

@codesections @write_as Oh cool it takes Markdown dumps. I can just write this shit in Emacs and paste it there no prob

@trayofbees We also have a command-line tool for publishing posts ( It only supports anonymous publishing at the moment, but I'm working on the ability to publish to accounts / blogs now.

Let me know if you ever have questions or feedback as you try things out :)


@write_as @codesections Psst crack open emacs and write an Emacs org-mode plugin! Copy one of the org-babel modules and tweak it. :win3_printer:

@trayofbees If I was more familiar with it I would! The API is open for anyone to build on, though 🙂


@write_as @codesections I'm too lazy to sit in ELisp all day... drats

I'll have to find another victim to write it!


Easiest way might to be write your stuff in #OrgMode, export to Markdown, and post-export run that CLI app to upload to @write_as

I wonder what Markdown flavor it supports ..


@kaushalmodi @write_as @codesections That's what I'm doing now. If I have to do it too much I'll wrap that to a macro

@trayofbees @write_as

I'm not a Go coder.. where does the CLI do the Markdown parsing? Searched for "blackfriday" (Go Markdown parsing library), "markdown", .. found nothing.



Out of curiosity, I did `writeas new` and pasted in markdown content from a post that publishes fine using Hugo/Blackfriday.

But all Markdown remained unrendered:

Here's the same post published using Hugo:

@write_as huh.. thought why not try appending URL with ".md", and guess what:

Not bad :)

@write_as It does.. something.. I think it would be perfect for non-technical or literature blogs.

Main things I find amiss:

- The Chroma (another Go library) rendered syntax highlighting in there :)
- The `## heading {#anchor}` Blackfriday syntax does not work.

@kaushalmodi Thanks, I haven't heard about Chroma before -- I've been looking for a way to add that, so I'll give that a shot. And I'll see what's going on with the headers. Maybe that's something I have to enable in the configuration

@kaushalmodi It doesn't do any parsing / rendering -- that's all handled server-side. This is library we use:, combined with bluemonday ( for sanitization.

@trayofbees @codesections


Thanks! Interesting names (Saturday = fork of (Black)Friday) .. so a Blackfriday-friendly Org mode to Markdown exporter might work ..

@trayofbees @codesections

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