The Mastodon GitHub repo currently has 3 open issues that could help moderators moderate better:

- Add a moderation API: let third-party devs build better tools for moderation, much like the various mobile clients.
- Add Locked account state: let mods to temporarily lock accounts (like a forum ban) without kicking the user out.
- Add public info about number of mods/instance: let people find instances with more mods/user.

And now one of these moderation-friendly changes is confirmed for Mastodon's 2.6 roadmap. One down, two to go!


You know what, thank you for at least considering things to change and filing the bugs.
The wilw thing left a rather bad taste in my mouth, but that does mean that Mastodon, good as it is, needs more work for issues caused by this.

I know it is thankless work, but a better Mastodon is good for us all.

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