having support for Markdown is yet another reason pushing me to self-hosting my own instance.

Maybe once the internet at my home works again I'll look into it :P



I can't really decide on how I feel about support. On the one hand, I already write most of my comments in markdown-ish ways (e.g., using backticks for code and asterisks for emphasis). So it would be nice to have all that rendered.

On the other hand, I really like the plaintext feel of toots—it's nice to have them be all about content, with no/minimal formatting. So, mixed feeling…

@codesections I do like the plaintext feel, makes it simple and easy to parse. But then again, emoji are here and those are illegible without support.

It also irks me that markdown is considered "difficult" and most mainstream sites either don't have it or disable it when they get more popular. I get that it can seem geeky, but it's so easy to grasp that it shouldn't be shunned so much. At least give an option! :P

Now for regex... that can be confusing but I'd be nice as an option again

@pinguino @codesections I would prefer basic HTML tags like <I>, <U>, <B>, and other useful tags like <A>

@matt @pinguino

That is a very interesting preference. Why would you prefer writing `<em>emphasis</em>` instead of `*emphasis*`? The second seems much much more concise (and just as clear) to me, but I'd be interested to hear your reasoning.

(This seems especially true since the HTML spec has depreciated `<i>` and `<b>` in favor of `<em>` and `<strong>`. Typing `<strong>text</strong>` would get old very fast!)


They undeprecated <b> and <i> in HTML5 because nobody but (us?) nerds gives a fuck.


I didn't realize that. I'll have to look into the spec… interesting.

@codesections @pinguino because the HTML deprecations suck and I am sticking with <I> and <B> until the end of time.

Also I intentionally like to *star* my words and pseudo _underline_ my words, and intentionally do not want it parsed the way that markdown does.

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