There are certain terminal commands that are really useful, but that I don't use often enough to consistently remember.

To solve this problem, I've kept a plaintext file with notes, but that was a bit ugly.

So, I tweaked it a bit to be in Markdown and to display in color using . I'm pretty happy with the result:

@codesections oh that looks really nice. I need to freshen up my's been a while

@codesections I can also recommend .sh, for anything you haven't added to your notes yet but need a quick refresher on how to use it.

@codesections These kind of one line commands, now I organize in bash scripts in a folder $HOME/.scripts . For ssh-ing into machines, Did you try messing around in the SSH config file? So you can do things like ssh myserver. Super useful.

I wasn’t aware of bat. I’ll take a look. Your file is looking good !

@crodges Yeah, I also have a scripts folder (though mine is $HOME/src/scripts). This was just for things that don't seem worth breaking out into scripts.

I haven't done anything with the SSH config file. That's a good point, thanks!

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