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I agree with everything this article says. But sadly I think people very rarely join a social service based on "how good" it is; they join it because people they know are there already.

(I'm really enjoying Mastodon specifically /because/ nobody I know is on here; I'm discovering new people instead of re-creating a real-life structure of friends and celebrities. It reminds me of the community discovery/building feel of the 1990s internet. But I'm a weirdo.)


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Yeah, I agree with that—for *most* people. I guess the hope is that there are enough of us werdos who care about the structure of it to form a critical mass—after all, each new person makes it easier for others to already know someone on Mastodon. Plus, the small-scale nature of Mastodon instances *does* make it easier to get to know folks, which helps with the effect you're talking about.

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