I want to be able to tell my friends why is better than the birdsite, so I wrote a thing: "Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch"

I want this to be as persuasive as possible to outsiders, so I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible from Mastodon users

@codesections looks very good to me.

Ti make it even more effective, I might suggest to add some small acknowledgements of the downsides for an average Twitter user, i.e. not being able to follow $celebrity, having to convince friends to jump on the wagon, etc

@codesections "Mastodon's innovations aren't technologiclaly <-- spelling error - that challenging (I mean, a lot of the tech is pretty cool, but it's nothing Twitter couldn't copy if they really wanted to). No, <-- I would eliminate the no from the beginning of the sentence - the reason that Mastodon has all these advantages is that they aren't advantages from Twitter's perspective. "

@codesections I think your point that twitter has fundamentally and unescapably different motivations than mastodon is great. I think it is logical that a medium of social communication cannot be maintained and manipulated by a single large corporation, it is just people haven't stopped and thought about it. Highlighting the frustration of non-chronological feeds and ads everywhere with corporate social media is maybe something you could stress a bit more

@codesections the point about having a high moderator/admin to user ratio is an interesting one though, because I think it depends on mastodon maintaining a culture of local communities that really has nothing to do with the code. Plus, mastodon's code is apparently more difficult to setup than others like pleroma and one has to wonder if it will centralize in the future. Not things to necessarily bombard a new user with, but interesting thoughts nonetheless.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe Yeah, that's all fair. When talking to people who aren't part of the fediverse, I tend to use "Mastodon" as a stand in for the fediverse as a whole. Maybe it will end up being pleroma, but I think a lot of the same advantages would apply there

@codesections well I will definitely send friends this article when trying to convert them!

@codesections @Alonealastalovedalongthe it would be great if people writing intros like this could use "the fediverse" rather than reducing the whole network to one of its subnetworks (albeit the largest one at present). Imagine if people had gone around using "Mozilla" instead of "the web". It makes it simpler to explain, kind of, but it also fails to communicate one of the most important things about it, the lack of *any* centralization (even at the code dev level). It also misses PeerTube etc

@codesections @Alonealastalovedalongthe also
> you're always free to pick up and move to a different one.

... needs clarification that this requires starting from scratch with no followers. Proper server>server migration is an unsolved problem in #OStatus and #ActivityPub apps, and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future (unlike #Zot app like #Hubzilla that have #NomadicIdentity)

Fantastic point strypey and the issue of not being able to migrate is the huge elephant in the room

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @codesections ae, this is why I think it's sad that Mike's work on #NomadicIdentity wasn't included in #ActivityPub. This is a solved problem, yet the standards process failed to make use of the solution :-( It will probably take another generation of dev for this to be addressed.


Ultimately people *want* mastodon to be what activitypub should be which includes nomadic identity.

...and wonderfully because people want to see a free and open place so badly they will its spirit into existence, even on a network slowly enclosing around them

The lockin will be real with mastodon, and there is no incentive to change that. Yet what should the average use do?

@strypey @codesections
On one hand I see a community that is generally far kinder and open to different kinds of humans then I have ever been a part of online, and on the other I see a community whose foundations exist on clouds, where the only real advantage of mastodon (cus unfortunately that is what most people use) is that it is too new to turn hostile, disinterested towards users or feel enclosing.

@strypey @codesections
In every beautiful new thing we see for a moment a vista open before us of a future where everything is as free and open as the core of that new thing. Communities around new things like the fediverse attract people that are addicted to seeing that vista.

I guess we have to keep migrating to keep briefly finding that until one day we reach the promised land hahaha

(how hard it is to recall this is what we actually love about technology sometimes)

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @codesections BTW there are plenty of assholes in the fediverse and have been for ages, it's just a lot easier to avoid them ;-)

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @codesections what I've done, since I started using the fediverse, is post and interact here, but use crossposting tools that also allow my primary posts to be seen on the birdsite. What users could do is use a nomadic-aware site like a Hubzilla hub, that also has the plugins enabled to crosspost to the AP networks.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @codesections also, be aware that starting from scratch on a new site isn't the end of the world (I'm a refugee). If you make the relationship between your old account and new account clear and start refollowing your fediverse buddies, from the new one (and especially if you can import your 'followed' list), most of the people who followed your old account will eventually catch up.

@codesections Nice elevator pitch. Good points to highlight. Thanks!

@codesections Very good and perfectly comprehensive. I'm keeping it on bookmark for later use.

@codesections Well put! This does a good job expressing some of the same ideas I've been trying to explain to friends.

* My eyes immediately tripped over the (ish) in the first few words of the first sentence. You may have to let go of your inner lawyer a little bit and allow yourself to go for "good enough" accuracy rather than perfect. :)

* Pretty wordy for an elevator pitch, which needs to be conveyable in 30 to 60 seconds. Perhaps you'd like to make the first paragraph your actual elevator pitch, and expand on it from there.

* If your intended audience is users of Twitter, you don't need to explain what Twitter is. "Mastodon is a better Twitter." Bam, done.

* You don't need to re-assert that Mastodon is better than Twitter seventeen and a half times. Show, don't tell.

* Try to talk less about how awful Twitter is, and re-express those ideas in terms of Mastodon's positive qualities. Not only does it make the overall article more pleasant and positivive to read -- it helps in wasting as little time time as possible on the competition, which is always a good thing in an elevator pitch.

I guess the overarching point is that in reading not just the first paragraph, but the whole top bit that fits my screen without scrolling, I haven't even learned what Mastodon is yet, except that it's exactly like Twitter.

@Coffee Thanks for all that! I revised the intro a bit to make it a bit shorter and punchier. I'm going to give some thought to your comments re: talking too much about Twitter and may make additional changes in a bit.

I don't intend "elevator pitch" to be taken too literally, though: This isn't about asking for money, and isn't really aimed at bushiness folks, so I think there's a bit more flexibility in this format.

Thanks again for the comments!

@codesections I just gave this post a boost because your website is so incredibly clean from trackers/scripts/thirdparty stuff!
This is how the web should be. But it is clearly diverging from that...

@codesections Now I also read the content. Fantastic! Opened my eyes regarding outrage on Twitter!

@codesections Thank you so much ! I fully understand now why I can't "retweet" with comments on Mastodon (although you can "retweet" with positive comments too).

@codesections Hi, I'm thinking of translating this very nicely written thing you wrote into Italian, to encourage more Italian speakers to join, unless I can find one already in Italian. Fancy getting in touch to discuss how faithfully you want it done, IF you're OK to have it done, credit to your website/page and what have you? I can mail you if you prefer.


Thanks very much for the offer! I'd love to have you translate the post into Italian. 👍

I'm happy to defer to your judgment on how literal the translation should be. My only request is to please retain a link to the original.

Let me know when you post the translation, and I'll add a link to it from my site.

@codesections I don't know how many people are thinking about incentives and structure of social media networks, but I think your post:

(a) does a reasonable job of introducing the concept while remaining brief and engaging, and

(b) articulates clearly for people who *are* thinking along these lines a number of important ways in which the development of Mastodon is guided by these ideas.

@packbat Thanks, that's exactly what I was going for—glad it worked 👍

@codesections As a new user this is spot on as far as I've experienced. The friendlier and more liberal community is also a big part of the appeal for me.

@codesections Well, it convinced me to finally set up an instance.

@codesections I agree #Mastodon is "better" than #Twitter in myriad regards

But *I* don't have a problem with being on both (and other social networks, for that matter)

@codesections this succinctly summed up many of the reasons I hold to masstodon being a better platform than bird site.

@codesections Please check when you want to write about mastodon - and when it is really about the fediverse. also a mention on that there is more to the fediverse than mastodon (like pleroma or misskey) would be nice.

I don't think it's clear that not having retweet-with-comment will make things better in the long-term. Screenshots with snide comments are about as common as retweets with snide comments, ime. Their effects are worse. They make clicking through to get context difficult/impossible, and they don't notify the target that an offensive is being mounted, so they don't get to defend themselves. Removing a less worse suggested alternative might not make things better.

@codesections I liked the polycentric instance governance points. It didn't occur to me at first how much the basic technology of federation would impact mastodon's dynamics.


> Screenshot [toots] with snide comments are about as common as retweets with snide comments, ime. Their effects are worse.… they don't notify the target that an offensive is being mounted, so they don't get to defend themselves.

That's a feature, not a bug, imo. Here, if B says something nasty about A, B's followers laugh and it dies off.

On Twitter, B retweets A, A jumps in to defend themself, then followers get involved and the debate dominates timelines for days.

@codesections @arlequin Nice article... I'm feeling a way lighter, friendly and constructive environment over here... Twitter nowadays was almost bruteforcing you to engage in social conflicts ... Feels like a fight club...

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