I have a question for the people owning a .

I really like the concept of the and i can order one today.

Do you think it will be updated/polished enough to eventually be used as a daily driver? I really don't want to get it and not be able to use it daily as i think that it would not be ecological for met to get it for a short time use object.

What are your opinions?

@codeplex depends on the type of user, if you only SMS, e-mail, call, browse and chat with open services it can be daily driver-able in about a year, when battery drain and performance gets better and the current OSes get fleshed out. If you rely on proprietary apps that tie to the government, banking, and common closed chat services it might never be, but by that time you can install AOSP on it which kind of defeats the purpose but it's an option, overall I project about 2 years before it's dd.

@codeplex oh and also there's the type that doesn't use it like a phone but as a desktop, that's mostly drivable barring the battery and performance issues.


I do use some proprietary apps atm but not heavily.

Thanks for your input :)

@machete_Badger @codeplex I think this is very correct. There is one thing missing here, which is Anbox. As these Linux phones gain some momentum, Anbox will hopefully receive more attention and be more well integrated. It is the missing link that can bridge the gap for those people who want something like the Pine Phone, but still rely on some Android-only apps.

@projectmoon @machete_Badger

That would move up the time frame for proprietary apps. I personally would have a separate phone for those apps but is is a good cause.

@codeplex @machete_Badger It's also key even if you're only using open source stuff. There's a lot of open source Android apps that can fill the gaps that exist now in mobile Linux.

@codeplex tbh I'd wait until the braveheart kinks are worked out.

there's a wiki page around with some hardware issues that they've since discovered and plan to fix in the next iterations, some might be blockers for you to daily drive. (i wish i could find it right now :/ it's linked to somewhere in the pinephone forums)

@codeplex If all you do is text, call, and use the internet, and you carry around an external battery, sure.


I have seen various operating systems continue to make progress on their alpha/beta versions for the Pinephone so I have no reason to think it won't be my daily driver soon. I would hold off buying it until the official launch if I were you. I dropped the coin on Braveheart knowing it would be a work in progress.

@codeplex I think the hardware is pretty close. There are a couple issues with the modem and how it powers on/off etc. Especially if the battery dies. To my knowledge, there is not yet a daily driver OS that's really ready. They are moving fast though.

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