I have been testing my ability to switch over to linux for everything the last couple of weeks and it is amazing.

I have tried this more times then i can remember but still wanted to go back to windows for certain games and more times then not did not use linux that often.

Now with and all the good work with and the amazing linux gaming community i have not been wanting to go back.

Thanks everyone that made this possible. You Rock!

Thanks for all the information and advice on the . You guys rock :)

I have decided to wait for the next hardware revision. I really want one but i feel that this version would not be a long term device for me.

I am not that concerned about the software part as i believe in the power of the community. A lot of the OS's look promising and are putting much effort into making a working phone.

For those interested in the hardware issues:


I have a question for the people owning a .

I really like the concept of the and i can order one today.

Do you think it will be updated/polished enough to eventually be used as a daily driver? I really don't want to get it and not be able to use it daily as i think that it would not be ecological for met to get it for a short time use object.

What are your opinions?

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Warning: today we found that the old way to create users (create user identified by... + grant) is crashing sql replication on maria db (our Version 10.2) only when selecting mysql as db first and using the newer syntax: grant select on database to user identified by it keeps working. Hope this is of use to someone, took us a while to figure out...

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Wauw just heard a fiend say that he wants to remove 2fa from his account because his password is safe enough and he doesn't care if his account was hacked.

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Working from home listening to music and not being asked questions the whole day is the best.

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Oh a "data structure"?
You mean a '(fancier list)?

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This is a superb read that discusses the many shortcomings in @gnome (note, I use Gnome). Well worth reading and digesting.



I think for me it will also be whatsapp as most contacts do not want to use anything else (I have tried).

I do know i need to spend more time migrating away from the services i still use, but i am getting there.

For the last week i have been busy with setting up .

What do you think about Smarthomes? Yes/No? What are your pros and cons?


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