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Just completed and built or version 10 with on a VM. That took some time, but now I have an VM that is running LFS. Let's see how long that survives amongst the other VMs.

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These days, most of my nightmares are about ending up in social situation without a mask.

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Seeing a lot of fake news bullshit on the federated timeline. Please report it asap.

If I died a god, I would want my temple to smell like this stuff for eternity.

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You mean I can use without google using all it's api's to spy on me? Thank you, google.

For all of you out there looking to pamper your and yourselves, check out Luxurious Bastard. I just ordered two beard balms from them and they smell amazing. Who needs cologne when your beard can smell wonderful all day?

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I'm never going to stop typing two spaces after a period. Never.

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I tried something different last night by installing on an laptop after having a few too many rounds of . The install went well, but reading command line input (and output) was a challenge. Now, there is a physical machine in the home running with as the desktop environment. I wouldn't drive a car that intoxicated, but installing Arch was definitely a spontaneous act from a state of poor judgment and an altered mindset. :crazy:

Yet another reason you can hate on : they sponsor and defend their actions sponsoring domestic terrorism.

Microsoft president Brad Smith defends political contributions: report - Business Insider

I am looking for a for hosting . Which do you recommend and why?

I am not , I just dislike those who push their belief system on me or persecute me for being content and virtuous by not having a "belief system". Being free of an ordained is a lot like running ; it's lightweight, guilt-free, righteous, harms no one, costs no money, requires no weekly participation, thrives in factuality whether you believe or not, is based on rationality and logic, is imperically sound, is not sustained by corporate interests or politics, and is free.

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#Google killed a lot of projects ... It would be nice to kill #chrome too

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Make your enemies rich and your friends rich and you'll see which is which.

Could you imagine a world without , , and ? Be grateful. Propagate and defend our reality.

In your opinion or based on your experience, what is the most difficult to install (and yes, I have heard about LFS).

I am working on a tutorial on installing . It's not that hard, really. Partitioning a disk is probably where many people screw things up. Unlike other tutorials, I plan on making it a narrative-style guide that goes through all of the steps so that almost anyone can install on a machine and go through this timeless rite-of-passage.


Take away political parties and sides as a basis. What happened yesterday was unAmerican and abhorrent. Especially knowing that it was incited by the President from months of deception, inciteful rhetoric, and lies. This was the most closely watched election in history. Let the arrests begin and let's get back to being a country that can lead by example.

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