I need a happy medium or Goldilocks zone desktop environment that it based and right in between and .

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@alejandrobdn Use the unlock pattern with a working appendage. =D

I did so much wood work and yard work over the weekend, that my hands are a bit roughed up. My doesn't even recognize my fingerprint anymore. I guess I will have to use the unlock pattern until the hands recover.

@Mehrad I have not heard of dicewear. I will look then up. Thanks.

@Mundon i did that with a (now retired) password of openSUSE13.1!, but today it needs additional special characters. It is a very complex pass word policy.

@Mundon nice. I usually use Linux distributions as my passwords, like Fedora Linux 33. But I suspect that the new password policy wants a special character.

@unicornfarts For security purposes, Bitwarden cannot be installed on our personal phones.

@lordrishav I use . It is installed on the machine that I am trying to log into. This is the paradox.

My password on the Windows machine (and domain) expired today at work. Now, I can't think of a new, likable password. They changed the password requirements and made them more strict. This is causing the challenge.

@bumbervevo @Nujtag I use Hetzner and have a 2GB RAM with 2 CPU and 40GB VPS running nextcloud. No problems so far

Was watching the news this morning and I know that we are almost back to normal, in regards to this pandemic. People are back to their pre-pandemic activities. Four consecutive stories of shootings throughout the region and one in Times Square. I guess it's a sign of progress, but a very peculiar one at that.

@celia Yup. If it is flatpaks or snaps, their is some perceivable bloat, but you get a containerized type of environment and feature app as a tradeoff. For NextCloud, the snap was the easiest way to go.

@celia After doing a recent article on lightweight Linux, I have started to not be so much of a fan of my Pop_OS! desktop. Arch with the LTS kernel running LXQt is my new go to.

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It was nearly 90 American today (30°C to the rest of the world). Of course it's grilling season

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42nd st and telegraph in Oakland. Open call for Team Pfizer. No insurance? No appointment? No problem.

@celia I learned late last year and love it. I use it for web browser integration, task automation, server administration, and more!

@PunaisetPimpulat I have been using Gnome as my DE for many years now on my main desktop and the computers my kids use. It is very kid-friendly, especially with the Dash-to-Dock extension.

@PunaisetPimpulat I suppose it is just me getting used to the change. I first tried it on a desktop and, last night, tried it on a laptop. It is a better experience on the laptop thanks to the 3 finger gestures.

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