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@codeHaiku your right to free speech is in no way infringed because a privately owned corporation decides it doesn't want to publish your comments.

@kungtotte Your response is why I come to mastodon. This is the balance that I needed to make sense of this quandary.

I am not sure which is worse at this point: a leader of a first world nation using social media as a platform to incite violence amongst his own people OR a social media outlet in a first world nation that censors freedom of speech. With each right comes responsibility. The right to free speech does not mean you can abuse it to cause chaos. But this leads to the question: who determines when a right is being irresponsibly used? These are precarious times my friends.

I just noticed that I misspelled the first word of the letter. Anger writing can do that to you I guess. T-h-e

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@cavaliertusky It makes me chuckle knowing that each notice costs them money to send.

@freddyym I have been using for years. I like the video chat capability.

I don't always write an angry customer letter, but when I do, I use .

@hund A true climatarian would commit suicide. Humans are the worst thing that has ever happened to the climate.

Since has been purchased by , I no longer associate with my keybase account. To my 2 friends on keybase, let's stick with and .

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@l3g0b0y Rule 1: Shut the f*ck up. Rule 2: Avoid driving, walking, running, and motion in general. Rule 3: If you must talk, keep conversation brief, relevant, and concise. Rule 4: Listen and observe not only your environment, but also yourself. Rule 5: If you have to follow these rules, STOP DRINKING.

@neildarlow I agree, but I hadn't even installed the Nvidia one at this point. It was still running nouveau. It is puzzling as to exactly wtf happened.

@neildarlow The safety image in the grub menu also was unbootable. I even tried nouveau.modeset=0 and modeset=0 in the kernel line entry, but no luck. It booted fine the first time and was using nouveau drivers. After applying updates, it never booted properly again.

@AppleStrudelMan I have installed LineageOS on a few phones and even Arch Linux. Hehehe, but Fedora with Nvidia is a pain in the a**.

@neildarlow Yeah, I did the rpm fusion and enabled the repos. Before even installing the driver, the system stopped booting.

@ericbuijs Use YouTube, just don't create an account and turn on the blockers and a VPN (which should be enabled anyways).

@ericbuijs I completely back in 2010. I didn't even transition, it was literally done in a day. I don't miss being tracked and followed by the world's largest data aggregator.

After trying to get to work with , I ended up with an unbootable system. At least I have running on a side laptop with graphics. The installation on a machine with is very drawn out compared to other distros. My new distro of choice for my main rig is . Everything just installed and works. It has a pure look and feel. There is a void for a semi-rolling, distro with support. Until then, I will do . Well done, System76!

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