I don't always write an angry customer letter, but when I do, I use .

So, I installed last night. Performed updates, enabled and enabled the and repos (but did not install anything). Then I took the system through a reboot and was welcomed with a screen that leads to a totally black screen if I pick any of the entries. In the black screen, no keystrokes except for CTRL ALT DEL work. I can't get to any other TTY either. This is not a good start for . I am mildly frustrated.

So the poll just ended. It looks like is the clear winner. It's going to take some getting used to, but I am really looking forward to pure and a semi-rolling distro! It's exciting. That's what I love about ...the choices, the freedom, the goosebumps! It might be a challenge to get drivers to install on , but in the end, it will all be worth it.

This (client for Mastodon) input box must be changed to a YES | NO.

It almost always gets me and I press Cancel to cancel!

It was a toss up between and . I like how uses vanilla , ships on a smaller ISO file, and I can use my 2GB flash drive for it. But, in the end, won because of more available software and built-in support. I had to use a microsd card from a passport phone and plug it into a microsd-to-USB adapter that I had laying around from a kit. It actually worked and saved me from having to buy more flash drives. Now, on to !

I am installing on my last machine in the house. It is impressive that the splash screen uses the logo.

It's good to work from home. Every hot sauce in the market is now fair game...even on a Sunday night.

I realize that the ponts on have no instrinsic value but serve as a fun measure for motivation. Is anyone else having disparity in WorkUnits and Points? My identity is rubySnake and I have completed 97 Work Units with 64,999 points earned. When completing a work unit and uploading the completed work, the estimated points (per the log) for the work unit is usually in the thousands, but awarded credits are a different story and much lower. My average is 670 credits per work unit.

Just joined Team Fosstodon on . I think I can contribute quite well to my new team.

I have created a virtual machine using with 2 Core i7 4.0 GHz CPU cores and 4GB of RAM for one purpose and one purpose only: .

I saw this outside of a Lowe's parking lot in California.

I couldn't help myself. I wrote the author of the article an email.

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Per my conversation this morning, here's another successful conversion for a good friend who was on and is now running . That is 4 conversions this year! Much more to do still...

The best way to drink a beverage is with the lid off. You've got to get your nose and face into the whole experience. It actually enhances the flavor of even a coffee. Which, by the way is consistently mediocre. Once you've tried coffee in Colombia or parts of Asia, becomes like the of coffee. Ubiquitous, pricey, and kind of blah.

Thanks to your feedback on the poll below, I installed on my mom's former desktop PC. It runs great and automatically discovered a mfc-l2740dw printer connected to the same network. To enable scanner functionality, the website had excellent drivers and documentation to install their software. Now the machine has the same functionality and is much faster on than it was on . A 860 EVO ssd made things better as well.

I received this on my one and only machine that's running at home just so I can still use my copy of .

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