Just finished a new PC build for my brother. with 64GB RAM and an . The OS you ask? It is of course! Look closely at the welcome screen reflection in the third image.

Built this beast of a machine for my brother today. Hid all of the cables to the motherboard as discretely as possible. Just need to drop in the processor now and the GPU.

Finally, an updated install of and all firmware updates complete.

If I died a god, I would want my temple to smell like this stuff for eternity.

For all of you out there looking to pamper your and yourselves, check out Luxurious Bastard. I just ordered two beard balms from them and they smell amazing. Who needs cologne when your beard can smell wonderful all day?

Say what you want to about 2020, but it was the first year I didn't puke from a few extra drinks (sad side effect of social distancing). Happy New Year ! This one, by default, has to be a better circle around the sun.

This is the best gift I received this . It's a beard grooming kit!

I started a new job about 4 months back and found out that some department are still using apps written in . This was a huge red flag and brought me back into IT Consultant mode.

To convince management of how bad of a situation it was to run legacy apps, I made and presented this infographic. Needless to say, it worked. They see the urgency now.

I have been pursuing the best cup of coffee for years. I tried pour over, French press, drip systems, etc. Nothing makes a good cup of coffee like the . It's relatively a new invention and costs about $30. I highly recommend it.

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