Running with the linux-lts kernel is the perfect balance. The lean performance of and the stability of is the type of system I was looking for. Lookout , I might have to install Arch instead.


@doenietzomoeilijk SuSE 9.2 was my first serious distro. I bought the box with software and manuals from Best Buy about 18 years ago and ran it for quite some time.

@codeHaiku I ran Fedora for a couple of years, was a decent experience, but at some point I decided to give Tumbleweed a go. Never looked back. It's rolling, but backed by a serious automated testing setup, so it rarely gives you headaches while keeping you on fresh software. It's a different beast from the regular releases they do, which was what you used back then and which is called Leap these days.

@doenietzomoeilijk Nice. I will spin it up in a VM and give it a chance. The installer and yast should be updated to reflect modern conditions in Linux.

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