TIL that it is acceptable to start a riot and seek the death of your enemies who are in Congress and still be acquitted by your allies for whom you considered as collateral damage in said riot.

@codeHaiku cool let's start a movement seeking the destruction of America and the death of out enemies since it seems to be totally legal

@codeHaiku dude we knew this since July 2020. Did you not see the BLM riots?

@Feddylain No one watching those riots could have known or predicted the insurrection, the second impeachment, and the second acquittal, let alone the results of the election.

@codeHaiku but they did riot, and get caught and released by democrat governors and mayors, whom they have nothing but disdain for.

@Feddylain Civil unrest and disdain are a hallmark of a democracy. Government officials rousing mobs with fictitious, divisive narratives to wreak havoc, chaos, violence, and attempted murder are the hallmarks of a banana republic.

@codeHaiku I agree. BLM protests are the hallmark of a banana Republic.

@Feddylain I don't think we will see eye to eye on this topic or many others.

@codeHaiku maybe, but I'm an adult willing to have difficult discussions to deprogram radical extremists who believe nonsensical conspiracy theories. If you're not ready then that's okay.
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