Built this beast of a machine for my brother today. Hid all of the cables to the motherboard as discretely as possible. Just need to drop in the processor now and the GPU.

Back in the days of mainframes, there'd be techs wearing labcoats inside those windows.

@cascoder I hope they practiced good cable management. That art is timeless.

Ha ha. I forgot to mention they were standing on a tiled floor - the wires were under that!

@cascoder False floors and intricate cooling systems. But of course. This is when a patch actually was a patch to a punch card to correct some bugs in the holes punched in the code. Hence the term, patch.

I did not know that. I do recall punching a card full of z's (I think, all the holes were punched out) and when it went through the card reader, it got tangled in the works and bingo - a cardjam. (Just coined that one.)

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