With the US mulling the decision to ban , we should also consider banning and because they essentially do the same thing: piss all over your privacy while allowing you to be "connected" to people that atrophy helped you get rid of long ago.

Oh, wait, American companies that spy on people are okay and acceptable. It is different when the Chinese do it.

@codeHaiku at least the US is closer to what one call democracy these days ;)

They bad, We good. It's been always one of the most traditional and useful mottos of history.

uspol, surveillance capitalism, digital panopticon 


yeah, the frustrating thing about the overarching "they spied on us!" complaints is the narrow narcissism: You're not special, buddy.* These companies & governments spy on everyone they can--that's the "data" in Big Data.

(* generic bad-take politician "you" of course)

@codeHaiku right, *all* social media companies spy on you, although Facebook/Instagram/Google are some of the worst. I think we've just been conditioned to think that those companies are "good" in the public eye.

Just stupid., but they probably all use Facebook. So stupid is clearly one of their qualifications.

When it comes to what big tech is doing, the user base is just blind to it.

See the survey I linked to and lets all contribute to that. It may help, if more from here do that, citing privacy etc. Mass opinion needs to count for something.

Just re edited to clean up a little.

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