I have been and ever since I installed the client directly on my PC directly, I haven't been accumulating any points for my team (nor myself). This is despite the fact that I have been folding for the past 3 days very aggresively and successfully completing many work units. What could be wrong with my config?

@codeHaiku Stats haven't been updated for a while it seems. I watch our team stats, and despite of my clients claiming they got thousands of points, team stats didn't change for at least 2 days (nor did my user stats).

Check what your local web client says (the one on localhost:7396). That one is behind as well, but not *that* far behind. Also, monthly team stats seem to be more up-to-date than all-time stats:


@codeHaiku Another URL to check if you doubt your points have been credited: tells you for each client which and when was the last WU uploaded and what credits have been awarded to it. Only 1 result per client, but blazing fast (compared to the other stats pages, which have been last updated 2020-03-27 as it seems) – and gives your heart peace 🤣

@IzzyOnDroid Thanks, that one is also missing data. It's not so much about the points, which have no intrinsic value, rather it's about providing resources to a project which may not be so functional. The broken updates on the points system could be a symptom of perhaps other broken elements within the project. Given that the Rosetta@home project is similar, I can always dedicate resources to that project. It just feels better to give to a cause which is somewhat organized.

@codeHaiku It's known and was communicated somewhere (IIRC in the forum) that stats are currently… well, not working as expected – and that fixing that has been "postponed" in favor of getting the workload done. So we have reason to "believe" it's just the stats *display* which is currently a bit borked – and reason to hope it's just that…

Well, and I somehow wait for the day where my numbers (and those of my team) suddenly "explode" with the stats being updated to their real values 🤣

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