@brandon I have been since 2010 and almost all since 2016. For my use cases and practical needs, apps, ROMs, and OSes have helped me stay free on my routers, phones, PCs, and laptops. I hope there is no future use case where FOSS can't suffice.

@codeHaiku One place I can't compromise, unfortunately, is public transit apps. I rely on it so heavily that it's hard to get around with the transit app. As well, I just can't use K9Mail XD

@brandon @codeHaiku I don't know if it works for you where you live but did you check Transportr? And there are more email clients than K9. 🙂

@datenteiler @codeHaiku I checked out transportr but last time I looked they didn't support Montreal :(

@brandon I just checked and there is a region called Quebec that lists Montreal as one of the supported cities.

@hexmasteen I was mistaken, at the time I had checked, it was that underground trains had not been supported, which is important. But I checked now and it works!

@datenteiler @codeHaiku as for FOSS alternatives to K9, I saw FairMail or something like that? I tried it awhile ago and found it lacking

@datenteiler @brandon The standard app called "Email" within isn't bad at all. Most of my email accounts are with , so I use the proprietary "Zoho Mail" app. The nice thing about Zoho is that their email servers support and .

@codeHaiku I'm part of the way there. Unfortunately, my personal phone is also my work phone and I don't think there's a solution for every company related app that I have (unless the company were to go FOSS, as well). Otherwise, most all of my personal stuff (app-wise) is there. I'm learning to work around some of the notification issues that I experience with due to the apps relying on Google Services in order to foster push notifications. Otherwise Lineage is better than I imagined

@tab The Zoho Mail app and the Ting app are the exceptions.

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