Why, Stallman, why? It would have been better to just not say anything about this at all.

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Is there anything can't do? What an awesome project.

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Another incredible place on the internet. Free research and visualisations on the most pressing problems in our time. Spread the great work this nonprofit is doing!

I was reading Lifehacker.com this morning and came across an article for a cloud based file transfer/file sharing that's encrypted, uses blockchain for security, and is FREE. blackhole.run

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Just wanted to shout out about my OnePlus 3t. It's a solid phone that is dead simple to work on. Two screws and you have access to all of the internals, almost all of which are easily replaced. Where in the past I've had to replace phones every two years, this thing should last a good while longer.

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Good to see "thoughts and prayers" is still the response of choice against gun violence. Because it's proven to be so effective.
RT @RepMattSchaefer@twitter.com
What can we do? YES to praying for victims. YES to praying for protection. YES to praying that God would transform the hearts of people with evil intent. YES to fathers not leaving their wives and children. YES to discipline in the homes. 4/6

Finally got the today. Now waiting for the wireless SNES-like controllers. Then it's on to installing and retro gaming!

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I'm going to build a retro gaming box with wireless controllers using . Which should I use: or ?

Finally completed the configuration and creation of a Win10Pro VM for working from home using . I am a fan of this over since the performance is so buttery smooth and actually feels native as opposed to a VM. Thanks @mdbekhit for all of your assistance!

This is perhaps the most comprehensive podcast episode U have listened to about various virtualization setups in Linux.

LINUX Unplugged: 308: The One About GPU Passthrough linuxunplugged.com/308

I have been using for years on my Linux machines to run the occasional Windows VM or to sample distros. Convince me of a better VM solution...

Went to a liquor store and bought some 40 ounce bottles of beer for the f of it.

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Happy Independence Day fellow Americans! 🇺🇸

I bought Civilization VI a few years ago on Steam. Every time I try to play it, I'm overwhelmed with the minutia which all needs to be micro managed. I miss the days of old school gaming. I suppose I'm not the gamer I once used to be.

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It's nice to see newspapers with so much influence and power working on instructing people about .


Just installed the TP-Link DECO M4 wireless mesh network (and kept a FOSS VPN router behind it). Wow, every corner of the house has fast Internet speeds. Respect the IT dad.

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