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Feel like there is no alternative to US cloud services? There is!

Your organization can keep data secure and private on your own servers, while gaining productivity and independence.

Take 1:20 to educate yourself and watch this video now.

I am a bit furious. An update on which asks you to install grub-pc on your drives has broken my bootloader on my main rig. I Noe boot up to a grub-rescue prompt. I ran for years and never had this problem. I am not to familiar with grub-repair, so any advice will be greatly appreciated. I don't think is quite ready for mainstream users if an update can break your bootloader.

I host my websites with . Recently, my outgoing emails don't ever reach the recipient. There is no error, no bounce back, it seems as if it went through. I sent my personal email account a test email from my domain last night and I still haven't received it. Support at says it is because my email signature has a phone number in it (it always has) and this is why some SPF rule is blocking my emails. Sounds like BS.

I would love your input and hosting suggestions.

With the US mulling the decision to ban , we should also consider banning and because they essentially do the same thing: piss all over your privacy while allowing you to be "connected" to people that atrophy helped you get rid of long ago.

Oh, wait, American companies that spy on people are okay and acceptable. It is different when the Chinese do it.

For as popular as has continued to be on , I hardly come across anyone who actually uses it as their distro of choice. I tried it once on a VM and I think that ui elements by default on the desktop may be the appealing factor for newbies to .

@kev I just checked out your blog. I also love and have the exact same takeaways you do after a few months of use. And...I play when ever I find time. It is more fun than games I have purchased on .

@celia I just saw your blog and learned of from the thoughts section. Thanks so much. Good for you for being a developer. I am also originally from India (Chandigarh) and have been in the US for a long time. I also develop mostly .Net.

I was never a fan of . Recently, the guy who was in charge of monitoring and distributing their community funds (treasurer) resigned because he was not really able to do his job properly and was no longer aligned with the way community funds were being used.

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@pavot If you want help moving away from Manjaro you should read up on how they included proprietary software by default because the company paid them and how they spent the community funding on a gaming laptop to a new developer and then tried to get away with it by removing team members who thought it wasn't okay.

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Adding an Argon Fan HAT 🎩 to a #RaspberryPi 4 in an Argon Neo case. Should help keep temperatures 🌬️ under control, but the fan runs at 50% speed πŸŒͺ️ by default. So, time to port the fan controller to Ubuntu...

What is a good Linux friendly laptop that has good battery life, can be reliably used for work/business, is lightweight, and isn't very expensive? (New or Used)

Damn, I want a , but don't have any justification for it. My is still working just fine.

Just upgraded to on my Mom's home PC using the built in mint update capabilities. The upgrade took about 25 minutes, but all is well now. I just had to reinstall and the laser printer.

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Installing your own full Microsoft Office compatible document editor in #Nextcloud is just a few clicks - no need for web server configuration, docker containers etc!

You even have a choice: ONLYOFFICE or Collabora Online. Try now!

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The scientific evidence that both alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than cannabis is now overwhelming. For example:

#alcohol #tobacco #cannabis #MakeItLegal

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Top 3 favourite GNU/Linux distros go!

Boosts highly encouraged! There's a twist with this one ;)

PS: The twist has nothing to do with Linux or open source

On , I am noticing that if I go to my phone app and search for contacts, I end up getting strange contacts from what looks like Germany. I don't even know these people. I live in the US. Anyone else having this anomaly?

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Do not shame folks for being averse towards the terminal. Not everyone is as adventurous or (gasp!) fearless as you.

Example: my partner is averse to using the terminal for fear of making a grave mistake (as anyone learning about linux *should* be). I tell them that they should explore a little bit but to be careful when they do.

You don't tell someone to "stop being a pussy" when they express hesitation. You quell the hesitation by assuring them that you'll be there to help if they need it.

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