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Organize yourself and keep track of what you are doing with the Tasks app! 🗒️

If some seafood (especially crustaceans like crabs and lobsters) were strictly land animals, hardly anyone would eat that sh*t.

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r/linux really is a shithole. Someone announces a new release of a prominent open source application (Blender) and the only thing the peanut gallery can argue about is which packaging system was FIRST!!!111one..
It's no wonder eyes roll when people talk about a Linux "community"

I still have a for doing my annual taxes and for using to digitally sign files.

I bought a mesh network kit last summer. You have to install a privacy-invasive app on your phone to setup/manage the network. This worried me, so I asked to send me all of the data they had collected. Their response was sparse. In any case, I don't trust it.

Today, I came to know of mesh networking called that relies on . I wish I would have waited for the release of this. If you need a mesh network kit check out:

Anytime I have to use a cursor for looping in a stored procedure, I feel like I have been defeated. There just wasn't enough time to research and write the code more efficiently using self joins on a table with row_num as an offset. Today, after a few years, I had to use a cursor. Damn it...

Just finished season 3 of last night. I'm a bit behind, but looking forward to season 4.

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Also, sneaky tip for people who can't afford to buy books:

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Maybe we think we are in control of our life just because you have all the "needed" gadgets and services, but as soon as you control all that data with big tech companies (That mostly can't be trusted) we lose . Also, all that smart-things make us dumb-humans, so we should regulate what we do and use.

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Per my conversation this morning, here's another successful conversion for a good friend who was on and is now running . That is 4 conversions this year! Much more to do still...

Even if you're not a developer, give back to the community. I do it by getting people to install and explaining why it's a viable . Also, I run which provides various data elements to the project, enhancing their mapping. It's full of quests that earn you points. Install to contribute to the and projects. All are available on . And always send error/crash reports for any software you use.

I'm meticulous about credit card security. However, I received a call from my credit card company regarding some suspicious charges. The first one was with , and a couple more with online retailers. As soon as she said , I knew it wasn't my set of transactions thereafter. I wonder how that fraud occurred. Always reserve a credit card or two for online transactions and a separate credit card or two for physical, in-person, transactions. And, never, ever, ever, use a debit card.

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Dear hardware manufacturers: I will not buy any of your product if you put Alexa of Google Assistant into it. Thank you

I just heard about . They offer some great unlimited talk and text plans. My whole family switched over and we are now paying 15 USD per line! If you use the link below to sign up, we can all benefit. It's much appreciated!

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Mindfulness helps a lot in defusing day to day stress and it need not be difficult.

The highlight of my day today was tuning code and making production stored procedures and views run 90% faster. That was kind of addicting.

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