Watched Clash of Titans with my daughter last night. I wasn't too impressed because I thought that the older 80's version was so much better. So, after the film we checked YouTube for clips of the 80's version of the film. Wow, it also was not impressive. I remember it being so much more epic and compelling. I wonder how many other childhood memories of mine are inaccurate. 🤔

The population of this Mastodon instance has bloomed over the past 2 weeks. Where are all of the refugees and immigrants coming from? Welcome, BTW.

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Once a student asks a teacher, what is the difference between “I like you” and “I love you”.
Teacher beautifully replies when you like a flower you pluck it, but when you love a flower you water it daily.

Just heard Feliz Navidad for the first time this holiday season. I have a confession to make...that song rocks!

Friday Rant: Starbucks coffee sucks. I don't like their black coffee. It lacks richness, aroma, and depth. I don't appreciate a company that creates names for their sizes which are unstandardized and unnecessary. Small, Medium, and Large are agreed upon and accepted sizes. Their renamed aliases for these sizes are puffed up and contribute to the new language they have invented which is spoken by conformists who stand in line so they can have an iconic cup, logo facing forward (of course). 😬

Are there any other good FOSS or tech based Mastodon instances such as fosstodon, except for linuxrocks? (The reason I am excepting linuxrocks is because they allow many nationalistic and ideological posts, but call you out for complaining about such posts.)

To display the weather in the CLI when launching the terminal, edit the .bashrc file and add the following lines of code:

wget<your ZIP> 1&>/dev/null
echo $(date)
head -n 17 <your ZIP>
rm -f <your ZIP>

The fact that bought is a reminder to not buy and wear data tracking devices.

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It ruins my day to join the project community for a project I'm really interested in only to find self-importance/arrogance from the leader(s) of it. That's why it was refreshing that, after reporting a little bug on , I not only found the dev who handled it polite and professional, but he seems like a cool guy I'd have a beer with. I don't even like beer. Anyway, we need more of that.

Are there any apps, services (preferably FOSS) that can be used for genealogy or creating a family tree?

ASUS routers are rock-solid as stand alone routers with ASUS or Merlin firmware. However, ASUS AiMesh is complete trash and should not have ever been deployed.

Ubuntu 19.10 is essentially a vital practice round for Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS).

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It's so easy to forget how expensive would be to create anything on your computer without like , , , , , , or . Contribute or donate to your favourite project today please!

I prefer for it's simplicity, minimalistic elements, and look & feel. What is your favorite DE and why?

The latest Dave Chappelle special, Sticks and Stones, is comedic genius. It's good to see someone set that PC pendulum back a bit to the center, the way George Carlin used to do.

Minor UI changes in new versions of are overly celebrated and drooled about like porn by the media.

I often struggle to write a new post/toot and am more often commenting on the posts/toots of others. Sometimes, I realize that my comments would make excellent, original posts/toots.

Is there an easy way to search for groups in ? I'm looking for some good FOSS groups. Know of any you would care to recommend?

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Phones can leak personal data
Like location & political views,
So why not look through your apps
And delete those you rarely use.

Then go to Settings > Privacy
To see data shared with apps.
Block stuff that should be private
With just a couple of taps.

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