As I learned again today, Fosstodon is only in English.
I got a friendly reminder by mail that I should please stick to it.
The problem is that I also reply to German and French users. It would be a very unfriendly way to answer these now only in English. The trigger was also directly once a comment on Star Trek with a link in German.

The reason I understand, but restricts me in my freedom. Thus I must leave Fosstodon

to be continued... in another place

@cmg what about replying to those people in un-listed or followers-only mode, which the moderator clearly states is allowed. You are only reminded not to post to the public time lines. How is that about your freedom to not steal people's attention to filter out things they do not understand? 🤔

@cmg Auf ist noch genug Platz frei. Falls Du umziehen möchtest. 🙂

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