Lazy fediverse question: Is anyone aware of voice or video chat that has or uses any kind of environmental audio? Thinking of large virtual gatherings at $day_job and how they collapse after a certain size. Something that literally lets people move towards/away from topics of interest/disinterest could be super useful.

@cmdln There’s some programs that do spatial audio but its a bit gimmicky, or would require like an entire VR setup to get it “right”. A permanent audio chat server, something like Mumble or Teamspeak or Discord - with rooms for topics that you can pop in and out of - works very well.

Mumble has a special place in my heart, and its OSS, but there’s plenty of options in that space.

@twisterghost Yeah but was hoping for something simple and closer to how RL convoes work. Trying to combat zoom fatigue, without a simple solution, may not be worth it imo.

@twisterghost I convinced a handful of people to try it over lunch. Yes, can confirm. More investigation definitely warranted. Thanks again for the tip!

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