Inaugural use of my DIY hop cannon. Purged with CO2 then recirculated with 4oz of hops for a 5 gallon batch. I'll let it run a few more hours. I'll sample tomorrow and decide if that was enough or if I want to set it up again for another few hours with a fresh charge of hops.

Drinking through my retained sample library. A one year old cream ale, less than five percent alcohol by volume. Not a hint of oxidization.

I kegged my first beer finished with Brettanomyces. My in house sensory panel found it...Complicated. I like it, I made it to see if it improved my old ale recipe which never felt fully finished. I think it works well. Also a test of my sanitary practices. I probably went overboard but if it works, worth it.

A happy coincidence that this showed up today. In addition to arriving on the day I was finally able to share my day job news, this is a medium. I have worn an XL tee my entire adult life.

Ziggy's first trip to The Row. I am glad he likes it as much as I do. We took him to True Respite a couple of weeks ago with a similar reaction.

I can finally share some day job news I've been sitting on a few days. I am leaving Vistaprint after more than six years. I am leaving so I can focus more fully on getting Quiet Scheme going again. It is time.

The last of the keg of cream ale. Bright to the very last drop. I am thrilled with my new fermentors. I am kegging my bret old ale this weekend then IPA the weekend after. Definitely rebrewing the cream ale soon.

Celebrating a quiet step towards my ultimate scheme with a wonderful gift from a generous and dear friend.

To clarify, that is a red wine glass. They didn't have any tulips. The print is a quarter the size I was expecting. I'm not angry, just disappointed.

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No spoilers. Tonight's episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier may be my favorite thing Marvel has done. I repeatedly wept openly for all the right reasons.

The new sample glasses for the pilot brewery arrived. This is not what they looked like in the preview. And somehow, in a way that would take pages to explain, they sum up the roller coaster I have been on emotionally for the past two weeks. Better days are ahead.

I had a solid brew day, hitting all my targets. Beer smelled and tasted fantastic on its way into the fermentor. I even had my first guest, fully vaccinated, in over a year.

Thought we were going to continue the franchise? We pretty much had the same thought at the same time. Later tonight or more likely tomorrow we will next watch Bladerunner. Also perfect for fixing dinner and checking on laundry without needing to pause.

"It's not the years, it's the mileage." When your best friend is already watching Raiders when you finish for the day, you only have one choice. One very enjoyable choice.

After a solid day of chores and hobbies, enjoying one of my favorite of my brews on one of my favorite coasters in one of my favorite glasses watching one of my favorite movies with my one and only favorite gal.

I felt more energy than usual for my passion projects this morning. For the 1st time in months I spent a couple of hours working on some brewery software I started writing last year. Now catching up on some reading.

I am very pleased with the data on this new batch of Open Access Ninja. Diacetyl rest now then yeast dump and transfer to secondary for several weeks lagering.

Related, if you ever feel like I am not listening to you or am misunderstanding you, please tell me so in so many words. I will always take that feedback and work to do better.

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If you want my professional respect, I think that is pretty simple. My platinum rule is that if you start by listening and trying to understand me, I will work with you to the utmost. If you chose not to, not much else matters to me--not experience, expertise, or ideas.

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