The weather is gray yet surprisingly comfortable on the deck, especially after a brisk walk with the dogs and a hearty breakfast of savory, steel cut oats. Not a bad way to start the day and the week.

Not too many chores this weekend, enough for a night on the deck (especially the baking.) Finished Close Encounters before watching most of SNL.

Short chore list today. This was my second and much improved batch of "cheesy" snack crackers. While these cool, some sandwich loaves are proofing.

I drove to Silver Spring for the first time in over six months to pick up some replacement glasses. The difference was greatest in my old office. Grabbing some things from my desk felt like scavenging in an early season of The Walking Dead.

Two months ago when I went full vegan for health reasons and dedicated myself to exercising every day, I committed to reaching a healthy weight. I started at almost 210 pounds with a goal of 170. I have not weighed less than 190 in over a decade. Today I weighed in at my lowest so far, 179.7lbs. I am excited by my progress and being able to see my goal from here.

Spending my lunch hour today nourishing more than my body.

Many good reasons to stop in at Saints Row today. I won the hand blown glass on the left. Autumnaton is back and last night's cask of it with coffee and oak was still on.

So proud of this beer. I love this ongoing collaboration with the Brookeville Beer Farm.

Trying to channel Totoro Buddha today. Could really use a healthy dose of serenity and humor.

I so very much needed this. If you know, you know. Talking to Senate staffers today left me unexpectedly raw.

Reached a staffer for one of my Senators. Not a lot concrete they were able to share, encouraging nonetheless. A good reminder, too: the single most important thing we can all do right now is have a plan to vote. My family has one; does yours? How can I help?

If you are afraid, angry, or both, I hope you find the courage and the will to act. If you want someone to talk to about your concerns or anger, feel free to contact me.

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I have been struggling to share this; I am terrified. I am blessed with an abundance of privilege, especially living in a traditionally strongly Democratic leaning state. I am still afraid of what may happen in the coming months. I am angry, too, and am trying to channel both into action. I am fortunate to have the means to make non-trivial donations to support key Senate races. I am spending my afternoon calling my Senators.

Chores are done and enjoying this as a reward. Today's list included kegging a special beer, grilling veggies for meals this week, laundry, paperwork, and donating to the Biden-Harris campaign plus several key Senate races.

I used to make keeping beers on a regular basis. After a year of aging, this barleywine turned out so well, I think I will return to that practice--vatted porter, Burton ale, old ale, barleywine, stock ale, so many delicious recipes to return to or add to the repertoire.

Patience is it's own reward. I made this barleywine, Impending Human, a year ago for Tony on the occasion of the birth of his second daughter. I will package up a case of bottles for him to enjoy in a couple of weeks.

Today's chores included a long walk, a trip to the dump, baking more sandwich loaves for the week, making a batch of hummus, and setting up this standing desk converter.

Saw this beautiful friend on the front walk on my way in from my walk earlier today.

I went on another long walk by the creek earlier today. I am grateful for everyone else I saw wearing a mask like me and concerned at the people, more than those with, who were not wearing them.

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