Kegging the last batch of Open Access Ninja. A week to carbonate and condition then into bottles for shipping to their final destination. This has been such a fantastic collaboration.

On the road to a drive-in for a day full of mutant fun, light hearted scares, and a double feature hosted by Joe Bob Briggs.

This is how you know I am truly serious about bringing back a couple of old podcasts and starting a new one. I started to rewrite my media and feed management tools.

Keeping a promise with myself. The time has come. Only the first and a very rough outline to start. I am planning to bring my beer podcast back, too. And we may be creating a third.

This batch of Best Interest, my English-style mild, may be the clearest beer I've ever made, certainly the most out of a recent run of very clear beers. Very happy with that.

I undertook an experiment today. Same spent grain dough, split and formed into sandwich rolls instead of loaves. I can vacuum seal and freeze the batch individually, thawing for carrot dogs, etc.

Despite the sudden, heart breaking loss of an old friend and former colleague, this week was good. I feel like I am finally recovering from the burnout I experienced at my last job. I spent time with two very good friends nourishing minds, hearts, and spirits.

Finished a good long read on link rot from The Atlantic by a former colleague, Jonathan Zittrain, that went more in depth on work recently covered on CBC's Spark podcast. Zittrain not only sets the stage and quantifies the stakes, he surveys some of the work on solutions. I think this is important now more than ever, we will need some better solutions to continue fighting this pandemic and future ones and to reflect on this unique point in our history.

I understand the urge to express free political speech, regardless of ideology. Like the rest of modern society, that now relies on technology that is not easily mastered, certainly not at the scale of Gettr. I feel some schadenfreude at the sheer weight of the Dunning-Kruger effect here yet no one deserves to have any more of their data leaked.

Despite the heat, back on my veggie nonsense. Fresh onions, garlic scapes, and CSA sweet peppers from the freezer. Delicious topping for a fresh batch of carrot dogs.

I spent my weekend on an enjoyable mix of cellar work and actual relaxing. This is very effective for recharging, at least for me.

Libre Arts has a good write up from May on the formation of Muse (aka Ultimate Guitar) and their spate of acquisitions, including Audacity. Audacity isn't the first FLOSS they acquired. The comments speculate on how they actually acquired something that in theory is free.

Jim Salter at Ars Technica has more on the Muse/Audacity story. The changes haven’t been released yet, coming in 3.03. The community of Audacity users responded months ago. The next question I have is whether Muse has any sort of authentic alignment with Audacity and FLOSS generally.

I saw this thanks to Cory Doctorow earlier today and am finally getting a chance to read up on the shenanigans by Muse with regards to Audacity. I too await the hopefully not too eventual libre fork. When will companies learn?

Unwinding after a half day of cellar work, mostly preparing for more work tomorrow. Bonkers would be an understatement for this movie. The actual f...?

Keeping the vibe going, catching up together on years of wonderful performances by the Pyrates.

Such a great date with Andrea. Didn't even realize their last show in the before times was the same venue, Waredaca. A solid reminder of how much I enjoy this group of rapscallions and rogues.

No rest for the wicked. If I want to go on a lovely afternoon date with Andrea, I have to hurry up and finish bottling this batch of Open Access Ninja.

The mutant vegan healing power is no joke. You can just see where the skin is a light tight and tender. A couple of very minor blisters and that's it.

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