Cooking up a plant based treat from scratch to share with friends this afternoon.

I want to keep doing business with Amazon, because they are good at what they do.

But I am bothered by the ethical compromises that entails. And not interested in having to defend my involvement.

The best way to resolve that dilemma and encourage me to do more business with them is for them to accept and deal fairly with a unionized workforce.

I would really like to figure out a way to package that 'carrot' for Amazon execs, so they stop being stupid about this.

Easing back into the brewery after a break. Finally feeling enough motivation and interest. Today I worked on my seamer. I still have some things to figure out and test but I want to start canning with my next batch. I am hoping to brew again in the next few weeks.

Jamie Raskin was teaching Constitutional law at my alma mater when I was there as an undergrad. I only knew him tangentially as my major was law-adjacent, but I never heard anything but good things about both his intellect and his humanity.

I’ve been very proud of how he has conducted himself as a Member of Congress. He is living up to the standards that everyone in that chamber ought to be held to.

It's #BIMPOCshootyourshot season again?!

YO! I'm Brandon: Trinidadian writer, poet, RPG designer, podcaster, streamer, GM, and all-round nerd!

I'd love to run/play more games with y'all, to be quite frank! So many of you are doing rad stuff and I have plenty respect for it!

Some period tracking apps will share your data. Stay safe, use one from @fdroidorg without Internet permission.

Possible options are:
drip (safest!)

All of these apps don't ask for internet permission and thus can't share your data. Drip goes the extra mile and explicitly opts out of Android's backup framework so your data won't be backed up on Google servers.

Please boost for those who need it!

A lot of my friends from college went on to law school. They all gave the same reason: because they believed law was an inherently noble profession.

I wonder how they feel about that today.

A reminder for those of you who happen to be unlucky enough to live in the US right now with #RoeVsWade overturned:

Uninstall any proprietary period tracking apps you might have – they *will* snitch on you.

Use drip instead, its fully open source and doesn't include trackers[1].

From Playstore:

From @fdroidorg:


We did not have a lot of time to arrange care for our pups before this trip. We were stressed almost up to the last minute but the friends helping us out have been doing a stellar job, including sending us some pictures of these furry goobers.

We cannot wait to see our dogs after a week away even though we had plenty of local wildlife to keep us entertained.

Said goodbye to our vacation rental this morning. We could not have asked for a better home away from home this past week. Beautiful property close to my family here in Florida with a great local organic market practically next door.

I spent my Father's Day at Odd Breed, a spot on recommendation from my brother-in-law. Carefully crafted and delicious beers from wood in a low key setting. Very much my happy place, especially in the middle of a week of processing some heavy emotions.

Does anybody remember the pond encrypted messenger? I can't find it on the web, and I want to point somebody to it for research purposes.


We just resolved a couple of logistical challenges that have been weighing on us, a leaking kitchen sink drain and pet care for an upcoming emergency trip. The disproportionate sense of relief is a bit startling and thoroughly welcome. I am still processing Mom's passing but am so grateful for feeling more able to do so.


A week has gone by since my mother passed way. I guess I am still mostly in denial, though honestly as a bit of a default. We have been so busy working on travel arrangements for her memorial, a blessed distraction. I feel like I've been holding my breath until we leave. I have been trying to make some space to sit with my feelings, too, so the grief doesn't rush in and overwhelm me in the first moment where I don't have some need or task pulling me forward.

"California Right to Repair bill dies in Senate Committee"

"The powerful tech manufacturers won out over the everyday Californians and small businesses that would benefit from Right to Repair."

TLDR: not only was DDG using Bing for its image results (most people knew this much) it was also helping MSFT track people, by explicitly not blocking Microsoft tracking cookies (and more). What's more, the contract with MSFT prevented them from disclosing the fact that they don't block MSFT tracking.

#Privacy #Tracking #Cookies #DuckDuckGo #DDG #Microsoft #Bing #Betrayal #Search #WebSearch #SearcEngines #IThoughYouWereTheGoodGuys

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