Cutting a dedicated drain in the sink basin would be easier than cutting one in each of my vessels. The 2nd drain should flow faster, hopefully keeping up with the sump pump.

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This could solve the leaking problem I saw during my water test with the spray ball attached to my kettle lid. I would invert my vessels over the spray ball, the basin would contain any mess.

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Working with my new utility sink, I think I have an alternate idea for clean in place. I don't see why I can't cut ports and install triclover fittings into the basin. One to attach the spray ball, the other for an additional drain back to the bucket I will use as a reservoir.

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The utility sink was so helpful during brew day, I ordered a few more fittings. Next planned upgrade is a faucet, one with a pull down sprayer. I will add splitters on the water source so I can use both the new faucet and when needed my existing hose.

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The simple things make such a difference. The latest upgrade to the pilot brewery made a surprising difference. Yesterday's brew day was the quickest in a long time. My back doesn't feel as strained either.

Two years ago today my dad passed away. I still miss him. I would have loved to share the progress on Quiet Scheme Brewing Company with him. I sure could use his advice right now.

This was a particularly good day. That was the year he, the boys, and I connected through guitars. I still have the one he left me, his favorite that he is playing in this picture. His McCarty has a special place on my wall. I play it as often as I can.

I try to live up to the best in him every day.

I miss you, Dad.

Pieriang Spring, my hefeweizen with rhubarb, turned out very nicely this time. A week of carbonating and cold conditioning has helped it shine. Also a fine reward for brewing another beer today, my jammy dodger IPA, this time with Citra, Idaho 7, and thyme.

What I am thinking is CIP will need to wait until the electrical upgrade that will let me install a brewery table or sculpture. Then I can cut large drain ports in my vessels. I can upgrade to better fermenters, too, with proper dump valves that will work well with CIP as well.

Performed a water test of my CIP spray ball with the new pump, a repurposed sump pump. Solved one problem: plenty of pressure at the spray ball. A few more problems to solve: leakage at the kettle lid and not enough return flow to the bucket holding the pump.

Look! Some think I only do traditional styles but I made a hazy...Yes, I cheated--it's a hefeweizen. But I did add rhubarb and dry hopped with a bunch of Barbe Rouge and Belma.

Kegging beer today. Good thing, the IPA kicked this week so I had nothing on tap for a few days.

I bottled the IPA on the left last weekend. Labels arrived this week. I have just over a case of beer, four different kinds, to share, if anyone local wants some.

Got this pump because my existing impeller pumps don't generate enough pressure for my new CiP spray ball. I unpacked it today and ordered the fittings I'll need for it.

My pH meter flaked on my last brew day, a couple weeks ago. I tried to re-calibrate but it wasn't having it. I guess time to order a new probe, so if that works.

Found a bottle of my modern IPA featuring Cashmere in the back of the fridge. Still delicious and the perfect accompaniment to a grilled lunch enjoyed in the sun on the deck.

The visible evidence of happy yeast never gets old after all these years.

I rebrewed a recipe I created and only brewed once five years ago, a rhubarb hefe. Brewing my very first wheat beer back then was a struggle, yesterday went so much more smoothly.

PSA: cloth and paper masks worn to help prevent spread of Coronavirus (and other diseases) do not need to form a seal to be effective.

They do two things:
a. capture most of the droplets you exhale/cough/sneeze out
b. slow down (and thus reduce the range of) any droplets not caught

If you have two layers of fabric covering your nose and mouth, you are wearing a fabric mask correctly.

If breath reflects off of them and escapes around the edges, that is just fine -- the bulk of the droplets were caught, and those few that leave around the edges are slowed a ton. Mission accomplished.

Misinformation on this point (most of which seems to be repeating proper fit and donning for PPE masks, which do need to form a seal) is leading people to not wear masks because they believe they are difficult or impossible to wear correctly.

One of my favorite pairings. Beyond Sausage fresh from the grill and my English-style IPA.

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