I could use some encouragement today. I will happily reciprocate with whatever form of positivity you might like in return.

Finished a few brewing chores including sanitizing the two new kegs, installing a carbonating lid in another keg, and cleaning a draft line. I poured what turned out to be the last pint of porter from the other line.

I transferred the first batch of Open Access Ninja to a secondary fermenter today. I will lager it for several more weeks before kegging it. The sample I tasted was fantastic, can't wait to share the first bottles with Carl.

Got the results of my first cholesterol test since big diet and exercise changes six months ago. Total cholesterol is down by 40. My doctor reduced my statin by half. We'll look at eliminating altogether in six more months, at my next annual.

And the lager yeast is finally chugging along. I am so much more used to the quickness of the ale strains I usually use. Waiting for lager yeast tests my patience.

I brewed the first batch of Open Access Ninja yesterday. The new mash tun and fermenter performed admirably. Tasted great heading into the tank. Lager yeast is often slower to start but the wireless hydrometer shows the yeast has in fact started working.

The starter has been started, I am now committed to brewing the 1st batch of Open Access Ninja this weekend. One key to a well made lager is a healthy pitch of yeast, hence the larger than usual starter. I normally brew ales.

A good snow calls for fire, of course. As if I need an excuse.

While the auto washer ran, I used the time to clean and prepare a couple of new kegs, as well.

Used the auto washer to clean my new mash/lauter tun thoroughly. I cleaned all the fittings, including the false bottom, by hand. All set to brew Open Access Ninja pale lager next weekend.

Finally dialed in my automatic washer. Sump pump provides enough pressure to the spray ball. Last problem was the flow back to the bucket. The new piping solved that perfectly.

I finished my third full week in my new role at my day job, as a head of a group of fifty developers. I am still learning and becoming stronger. After a weekend of a few fun chores, I built another fire to sit by and recharge for the week ahead.

I love brewer Lego, that is anything I can get that works with sanitary fittings. Case in point is this end plate with a borosilicate glass window. Now I can see into my fermenter when running my clean-in-place rig.

Worked on my brewing schedule today. Probably a little aggressive on the first few batches of Open Access Ninja but I would rather start ambitious and slow down as needed than the opposite. All the same, excited for my next brew day.

FV4, which a friend recently and rightly suggested is an excellent droid name, is ready for the first batch of Open Access Ninja in the next couple of weeks. I followed up yesterday's deep clean with an acid wash to help passivate the stainless.

I very much enjoyed catching up with my very good friend, Kenny Borkmann, at Brookeville Beer Farm the other day. Great beer, great stories, and great advice.

Finally received all the parts I needed to finish preparing FV4 for Open Access Ninja. My clean-in-place rig will make brew days so much easier. The countdown to brew day starts now. The same parts will allow me to clean my other vessels automatically too.

A rare picture of (part of) the technologist and brewer at rest.

Building and tending a fire still counts as productive. So I tell my lizard brain to shush it so I can relax before I actually have to do something, make pizza for the family.

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