This week's —which we're getting in *just* under the wire for the week—is , the `cat` replacement with syntax highlighting, git integration, (optional) line numbers, and more.

See below for a cat/bat comparison (showing a bit of the 's code). And if you don't like those colors, don't worry—bat lets you select a different color scheme or customize your own (along with pretty much any other config option you might want).


`set grepprg=rg --vimgrep` in #vim has been a real game-changer for me, as well as this awesome tidbit for making #fzf extra fast

This week's is , the command-line tool for searching text files as quickly as possible.

It's a lot like the classic GNU `grep` but *much* faster (roughly 5× faster in many use cases) and can be used as a back end for your favorite incremental/fuzzy search.

FYI: the "rip" in the title refers to its speed at ripping through text, not R.I.P.—ripgrep isn't a grep killer and was never meant to be; grep is still great!

Announcing our first !

Hyperfine -

A super-accurate benchmarking tool with colorized terminal output. It supports warmup commands (with the `--prepare` flag), optional JSON output, and parametrized benchmarks (i.e., benchmarks where you programmatically vary one parameter)

The blog had a nice writeup, if you'd like more details:

Congrats to hyperfine on being a great app!

Starting later today, we'll be tooting out a , highlighting some of the (many, many!) great CLI apps out there.

We already have a few picked out, but feel free to @ this account with more suggestions!

To be clear, there *is* a account, but this account is *not* a mirror of that account. The two accounts might post about similar topics—it's the same group of us writing the posts, after all—but they're each distinct.

So, any repetition you get will be custom, hand-crafted, *artisanal* repetition, is what I'm getting at.

(For example, twitter's character limits wouldn't have left room for that last joke, much less this addendum)

Hello, world!

This is the official fediverse account for the /#rustlang CLI Working Group.

Follow us to learn more about building CLIs with , keep track of the different CLI crates (including `clap`, `assert_fs`, `man`, and many more!), and hear about all the other cool stuff we do.


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