Hello, world! Mastodon looks great. Would be even better if code blocks were supported, I think :)

@clint Brilliant! But Toot's are too small for big programs I think. But small ones I think could fit inside of 500 characters maybe?

@lee8oi Yes, definitely! Just for when you want to share 1 or 2 lines and not do it as a picture or *ugh* in a font that is not fixed-width. Alternatively, make default font for everything fixed-width.. ;)

@clint Maybe you can put that in as a suggestion with the tootsuite project or something.
"Add preformatted text capabilities".

@clint Guess they didn't think about things like brutaldon n such. It's possible to reface things and make a proper code-friendly feed. So allowing markdown support on instance by instance basis can still work.

@lee8oi Agreed. Hang on.. Mastodon from a CLI? Sweet!

@clint Yep. There's a CLI client too. Cool stuff. Mastodon has a lot of potential.

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