global inequities, cash incentives for COVID vaccines 

I'm a little slow on the news here but apparently California has a sweepstakes to motivate people to get vaccinated. May 27 - June 15.

10 winners will receive $1.5M grand prizes each. 30 winners will receive $50k each.

Californians are automatically entered when they get their first vaccine.

Wow okay, the "bookmarks" facility in #Emacs is nuts.

'C-x r m' lets you add a bookmark to your global bookmark list, where your point is.

'C-x r l' lists all your bookmarks.

So if you want to remember your place in, say, an info manual or a long program, you can.

and it's like, so simple, but so nuts!

When (c) becomes © in website terms of service, I infer that it's contract copypasta.

pulled in changes
accidentally merged instead of rebased
tried to undo, lost commits
learned about reflog, reset
peace restored.

the spring lisp game jam is just 10 days away! do you want to make a game using your favorite lisp dialect? of course you do! join today! #gamedev

The online #Guix Day #conference will take place on Sunday, November 22, and you can now watch the pre-recorded talks.


Or when you have time, until the 21. We will not have a dedicated time to watch them together on Sunday, instead we will have an extended Q&A of 25 (!) minutes for each subject.

@matt the future dystopia:

When you pick up an item you get a different price than me. The prices are all personalised just for you, decided by an algorithm. It knows how much money you have and adjust accordingly to maximize profit.

It just knows that you really really need to buy a thing today, boom double price.

Normal digital price tags like these are cool though.

My local supermarket put little lights in all of their price tags for some reason (???) which is a super fun shopping experience when you have the attention span of a goldfish.

Our software is only as free as the tools we use to make it

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Free software is not enough: on practical user freedom

Trying out #100DaysToOffload in the hopes that I'll finally be able to build a writing habit 🤞

local protest of death of George Floyd 

Local police monitored the Modesto protest (of the death of George Floyd and subsequent lack or delay of arrest of involved officers).

I wish there was more transparency about the police's escalation plans and how it applies to spatially comingled groups (those engaging in civil disobedience versus those that throw things at officers).

Tor Browser 9.5 allows website publishers to advertise their onion service to Tor users by adding HTTP headers. When Onion Location is enabled, Tor users will be prompted to opt-in to upgrade to the onion service.

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@ao They have not stopped but it requires proprietary software. There's probably a societal comment in there about how those willing to use proprietary software can remain safe in their homes while free software people are forced to go outside.

Plus, grocery delivery seems like a type of risk shifting. The delivery person gets put at risk from going outside in my place. They're probably more at risk because they do a lot of deliveries while I have 1 trip. That doesn't feel right.

the idea in my head is a decentralized platform for not only recording garden events for trend analysis (i.e. oops I keep starting tomatoes too late) but attaching pictures/video/etc. to those events and sharing with friends. kinda like a structured version of the florespondence hashtag but for all garden happenings.

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