Please help - I'm looking for the name of a principle that describes objects which are "finished" in a sense that no other things are needed for them to function. The most used example is a skateboard which just works as is - in contrary to a smartphone which needs power, subscriptions and so on. I read something about that and can't find it anymore.

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TIL that iphones regularly transmit the Mac addresses of devices attached to the same WiFi network to Apple. In addition to their geographical location of course.

So essentially you can be tracked across all locations where an iPhone is near you (and you haven't disabled your WiFi).


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@artyr3 What is the best old Thinkpad? Is it the x60? And why do they have to be so loud. Important questions.

Todays project /grapheneOS/ done. Coming from iOS I enjoy the amount of control a lot. For a short time today when the phone had no appstore it was almost like it was all mine. Constant battle.

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If you have a @github account, you can join me in co-signing the first letter uniting security & privacy experts, researchers, professors, policy advocates, and consumers against @Apple's planned moves against all of our privacy.

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The most weird and beautiful thing you'll find on the web today: A collection of postcards with frogs on it.

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Apparently Zoom straight up lied about conferences being E2E encrypted, and didn’t tell anyone that they were passing personally identifiable data to Facebook & Google for years.

They have just had their ass handed to them by the FTC, and members of a class action lawsuit will be receiving compensation. Also… maybe don’t use Zoom unless your employer makes you. 😬

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The Uncensored Library

"In many countries, websites, social media and blogs are controlled by oppressive leaders. [...]

But even where almost all media is blocked or controlled, the world’s most successful computer game is still accessible.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) uses this loophole to bypass internet censorship to bring back the truth – within Minecraft."

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"Für Sicherheitsbehörden in der Schweiz ist ProtonMail ein Glücksfall, denn viele Nutzer glauben fälschlicherweise, ihre Daten seien bei ProtonMail tatsächlich durch die 'strengen Schweizer Datenschutzgesetze' geschützt."


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Imagine an Internet of Things toilet paper dispenser.

"We're sorry. Your subscription to Comfy Butt Bog Roll has expired. Please renew your subscription."

You know your subscription is up to date, but you missed the email where they said they would stop supporting 3rd party toilet paper. Now your toilet paper dispesner is bricked and will only work with Comfy Butt brand toilet paper that costs 10x the price of normal toilet paper.

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Today I ran into a fun, but also kind of pointless project. It annoys me that this old 486 from 1995 had no meaning, no task anymore for a long time. But it's still a nice machine, the first I played with as a child. So the project is: Make it run Toot on a Linux Terminal. So far I managed to get Debian 3.0 running and a network connection via an emulated modem on the serial port (haha). It's fun. But I'm stuck, cause I can't get Python 3 to run. It's fun, though. Did I mention it's fun?

Average outcome of being 30mins on Fosstodon: 30 open tabs with interesting projects which want to be checked out + the feeling of a welcoming community. cool.

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