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Developers, what are your current recommendations for accessible, non-Google alternatives to reCaptcha, or other solutions for blocking spambots? Bonus if there's already a module for it.

Too many interesting talks clash with each other... this never gets old.

Sorry, Fitbit users. Based on Google’s history, you’re likely to either eventually lose your Fitbit’s functionality, or get your health and exercise data sucked up by the Google machine.

If you're a WhatsApp user, you'll have to share your personal data with Facebook from next month – and no, you can't opt-out this time - The Register

I haven't attended since 2010 (I think) but in 2021 it's going to be easier and cheaper than usual to attend, online. See you there?

That's a new one for me - nude spam sent via a issue!

TFW you've been chasing a bug on your website for weeks and finally worked out that the name of the home directory was changed when shared hosting upgraded. 😩

For people who understand Kotlin and/or Swift (not me, I'm afraid), the Australian government has finally put their source code on GitHub.

Just curious: has anyone here used Ninjam (from the creators of Reaper) for remote collaboration?

I just ran a trial video call in for five people in the southeastern states of Australia, and the latency was pretty bad. It may not be a usable alternative to Zoom just yet.

What's everyone's preferred platforms for playing board games and card games together online? Cross-platform/web-based preferred.

acknowledges their security holes and challenges in adapting to the needs of their new users.

Keep watch, keep them accountable.

I feel kind of sorry for Zoom Corporation (Japan) which makes good quality audio recorders and music effects and have nothing to do with that videoconferencing company.

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