Annotated reading editions of texts, starting with Capital vol. 1. Built with and .

I just ordered my first ! I'm planning to use it as a server (moving my personal code off GIthub and Bitbucket), , and for experiments.

(It looks like won't recognise the hashtag - maybe because it has a hyphen?)

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Librarians are awesome because they negotiate free access to information

Did you know that roughly 15% of cases of the common cold are caused by coronaviruses? Names and definitions matter.

I can't wait to see what name gets settled on for the 2019-nCoV . Will it come from the same department that gave us the vague Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and the racist Middle East Respiratory Syndrome?

Our videogames are made on stolen Wurundjeri land. We at House House will be paying at least 1% of our income to Indigenous groups, in perpetuity, as part of the Pay the Rent movement. We'd encourage others to do the same:

Happy Lunar New Year to my Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese family and friends.

I acknowledge that I, with all Chinese-Australians, live on stolen land, and that the Chinese peoples have a long history of colonisation and suppression of minorities. I continue to commit myself to the work that colonial and settler communities must do to right the wrongs of the past.

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@claudinec Note that you can also blog on (an instance of WriteFreely), which is federated; is not.

I constantly see friends declaring their plans to abandon Facebook and/or Twitter and I fully support these intentions. Let’s take control of our online communication back from the corporations by moving to federated social media on Mastodon, blogging on, or starting an email newsletter on

I hope to spend more time blogging on, and you can also follow me on Mastodon at

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I'm a writer of prose and code, and a web developer who spends much of my time with WordPress, Drupal, and PHP.


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