Hi fellows fosstodonians. Is there a way to help @killyourfm to migrate to our instance? 😀

@killyourfm @ohyran afaik, there is no way to migrate an account with its followers. The best that can be done is to redirect the existing account to the new one (Settings->Profile->Move to a different account) and it is up to the followers to follow the new one if they want to. 🤷‍♂️

@killyourfm @artfulsodger @ohyran this is intended to change some day, but requires quite a bit of work to protect against spam and DoS since it can be quite expensive to migrate

@ohyran @killyourfm He was not aware of fosstodon when he joined in. I think he prefers to be with us but has a lot of followers already ;)

@ckoul @ohyran @killyourfm probably the best way would be to transition over gradually, so have an account here and post to both, letting people know you’re moving over gradually.

It’s far from ideal, I know, but would probably be the best way of maintaining your followers.

@mike and I are the admins here if you need any help/support.

@kev @ckoul @ohyran @killyourfm When we started Fosstodon, I moved over by creating the new account and then posting to that account and boosting to my old account. Every now and again I'd tell people that I was moving. Eventually I just stopped posting from the old account. No one complained.

@mike @kev @ckoul @ohyran @killyourfm i think @bjarni wrote a bot to manage the old account that boosts stuff from your new account and reminds people to follow the new one. Don't have the URL to hand, hopefully he does :)

@gwmngilfen @killyourfm @ohyran @ckoul @kev @mike I didn't write that bot (yet), but I did toot about how I thought it would be useful.

@bjarni @kev @mike @ckoul @killyourfm @ohyran ah, my mistake, I thought you were using it when you moved instance. I do think it would be a good tool!

@mike @kev @ckoul @ohyran
Sounds reasonable to me! I don't think it will be as much of a headache as I initially thought!

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