This was meant to be a comment to @lasombra 's post about "Facebook threatening to leave Europe"..

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This show is goddamn terrible.

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Just discovered this, sounds freaking incredible.

is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO files. With ventoy, you don't need to format the disk over and over, you just need to copy the iso file to the USB drive and boot it. You can copy many iso files at a time and ventoy will give you a boot menu to select them. Both Legacy BIOS and UEFI are supported in the same way. 200+ ISO files are tested.

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Today, we introduce doh-cli, a simple command line DoH client, written in python. We support a few #DoH public servers to test, and of course both #LibreDNS DoH endpoints. 🔧💻🔌

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Me: "Almost 500 people follow me on Mastodon!" 🎉

Coworker: "You could have had 300K followers on Twitter by now."


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Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Beta is released and is a significant improvement 📈 over 18.04 and 19.04. This release focuses 🔬 on addressing paper 🧻 cut ️🔪 issues. Come and read 👀 the release notes to find 🕵️‍♂️ out more and get the downloads 📀 #ubuntu

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Hey everyone, I've started an account for my podcast and related #FOSS and #Linux ramblings.

Find it here: @Linux4Everyone

Hi fellows fosstodonians. Is there a way to help @killyourfm to migrate to our instance? 😀

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😀 It's been in the pipe for a while, it's now available!

You can now manage and host your mail, drive, etc. for your family or corporate, using a single identity on your own custom domain, and connect it with your/e/OS smartphone.

Check it out at:

No Google services, no Facebook app on Huawei phones. It's getting more and more tempting.. 😂

Have you tried Firefox Send? It's awesome (doesn't require :firefox: to use it)..

Re enabled my Raspberry Pi (v1 B) after some time. Feels nice to run in RAM! :)

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Dear all, I'm very pleased to announce that /e/ is now supporting 5 more devices:

- Xiaomi Mi 4c ("libra")
- Wileyfox Swift ("crackling")
- Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (N9005/P) ("hlte")
- Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (International 3G) ("ha3g")
- Samsung Galaxy S6 edge ("zeroltexx")

Download & test now at:

This is a "Back to the Future" article:

We build our computers the way we build our cities -- over time, without a plan, on top of ruins
Change the end of the URL to ..320/ to read part two ;)

Just flashed /e/ on my Nexus 5 and after an hours' usage I'm already excited about it!


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