No Google services, no Facebook app on Huawei phones. It's getting more and more tempting.. 😂

Have you tried Firefox Send? It's awesome (doesn't require :firefox: to use it)..

Re enabled my Raspberry Pi (v1 B) after some time. Feels nice to run in RAM! :)

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Dear all, I'm very pleased to announce that /e/ is now supporting 5 more devices:

- Xiaomi Mi 4c ("libra")
- Wileyfox Swift ("crackling")
- Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (N9005/P) ("hlte")
- Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (International 3G) ("ha3g")
- Samsung Galaxy S6 edge ("zeroltexx")

Download & test now at:

This is a "Back to the Future" article:

We build our computers the way we build our cities -- over time, without a plan, on top of ruins
Change the end of the URL to ..320/ to read part two ;)

Just flashed /e/ on my Nexus 5 and after an hours' usage I'm already excited about it!


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