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We've been asked if we could quickly implement new features in #Liberapay so that it could replace #Bountysource, which has been doing shady things. We can't and we don't want to. Encouraging people to pay for a specific issue to be solved is problematic, it creates bad incentives instead of providing stable funding for the proper maintenance and development of a project. If you still think bounties are a good idea, then you can try to revive

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The POP3 support in @k9mail is bad 😢 I'm putting on some band-aids now. But I'm pretty sure we'll remove support for it in the future.

If you're using a POP3 account with K-9 Mail, now is a good time to switch to IMAP or to start looking for a different email app.

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#bountysource changed their ToS such that bounties that have been posted more than 2 years ago will be seized by them (probably to fund the blockchain company that bought bountysource a while back). The change will become active July 1. If you have any bounties on bountysource posted before June 30, 2018 you can ask to redeploy your bounty on a new issue once.

@microg will no longer advertise the use of bountysource for issue bounties. Please refrain from posting new bounties there.

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This is your periodic reminder that you shouldn't write new code in a memory unsafe language. And please try to migrate old code to a memory safe language. ❤️

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I'm currently working on a new version of the F-Droid Privileged Extension which will work on unrooted phones using Androids Device Owner mode. Requires adb though.

There'll probably also be a seperate version which uses a root install mode instead of requiring install as a system app.

…and the first user reported a bug caused by this. Should be easy to fix, though.

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I just merged a huge pull request of mine. Still not sure how to feel about it. It's a refactoring that was desperately needed for years. I'm absolutely sure it will make things better in the future. But I'm also fairly certain I just introduced a handful of new bugs. YOLO? 🤷

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Bugreports be like:

"There is a bug, can you give me an option to not have a bug?"

I usually like receiving bug reports from developers. They often know which technical information is important. When the app crashes, a stack trace is a very good starting point.

But please, PLEASE post it as text. Don't post a screenshot of the log window in your IDE. The issue tracker can deal with a couple of lines of text. It's not a social media site with a character limit 🤬

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📈 This week the donations through Liberapay have reached a new record high of €4082, thanks to 3165 patrons supporting 639 creators.

I only wanted to add a link to my Mastodon profile to my website. Ended up spending half the day updating to the latest version of beautiful-jekyll and Font Awesome.

This is my second attempt at using Mastodon. It doesn't look like the server hosting my first account (@cketti) is coming back 😞

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