Last week I finally got around to setting up my own server. It was surprisingly easy thanks to matrix-docker-ansible-deploy ❤️

@gael @k9mail If /e/ is selling devices that ship with K-9 Mail shouldn't they be first in line to support the project – either financially or by contributing code/documentation/…?


Don't you think your energy would be better spent improving existing solutions or building viable alternatives rather than advocating for tiny open source projects doing unrealistic things?

@af @k9mail @totoroot @humanetech

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Note that we consider us to just begin to get rolling and are still evolving the Rust/JS/Java/Swift/Python coding, translations, testing etc. We are aware of several shortcomings and are trying to address them. Any help welcome! or

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I recently reconnected with old friends and it made me nostalgic for the strangest things. So now I'm the proud owner of the domain 👴

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Happy "I love Free Software Day" everyone 💕

We would like to use this opportunity to let you know that K-9 Mail needs your help.

If you are affected by the startWithAudioMuted/startWithVideoMuted bug in Jitsi Meet, the following workaround might be interesting to you:

@Blort The progress bar would show what percentage of the funding goal has been reached?

I've created my own version of "The Great Suspender" with the analytics code and other phone home functionality removed.

I have no intention of maintaining this for anyone but myself. But feel free to use it as a starting point for your own version.

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📈 Donations through Liberapay have reached €8000 this week. That's 150% more than a year ago, thanks to the 5977 patrons who are supporting 912 creators.

Happy new year everyone!

@pixouls A specific tool with integrations for e.g. @Liberapay and @opencollect would be really nice. But that's probably too much to ask for. So I guess I'll end up with manually maintaining a spreadsheet.

Dear Fediverse, do you have recommendations for a tool to keep track of donations (to open source projects). It feels like every "I love Free Software Day" I have to dig through my email archive to track down which projects I gave money to the previous year.

@codewiz Feels way too low-level for most applications. OkHttp has a really nice API. But many app developers I know use some higher level abstraction like Retrofit rather than OkHttp directly.

Ich werde gleich etwas zu den Jitsi Hacks ( in der virtuellen @cbase Mainhall erzählen. Kommt vorbei!

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If you really want to, you can also add these hacks to your own Jitsi server. Instructions for 'emoji reaction':

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